John Hirschmann, Chairman; Lynn Black; Bob Brofft; Jim Carey; Marty Cohen; Thirl Crudup; Jim Garner; Dick Griffith; Boots Hall and Don Smith.

Opening Comments:

Hirschmann introduced the welcomed the new Officials Committee members: Bob Brofft, Tyanna Ertter and Frank Persico. He noted Ertter and Persico could not be present due to short notice they received of their appointment and other important priorities they had. Oone other individual had been invited to become a member, but declined due to other commitments.

Hirschmann indicated that since several people were joining the Committee, he would both like to hear from new members as to what role they would like to play as well as from current members if they would like a change in their role. He asked to learn of this within the next couple of weeks so changes in assignments could be considered prior to the next Committee meeting..

Thirl Crudup was introduced to the Committee as the new Chairman of the Operations Division. He made welcoming comments to the Committee.


The status of the 1997-98 training clinics was reviewed. The planned schedule was passed out. All dates but the "Virginia-side" Stroke and Turn/Starter clinic in January are firm. The Autumn 1997 dates have been publicized. Alternatives for the one open date were discussed and the matter was then referred to Black and Griffith to pursue alternatives.

It was agreed the Officials Committee training material will generally remain similar to that used last year. Most of the the material Dave Davis had prepared and updated in May, 1997. Griffith reported he was in the process of having the material reproduced. Mechler and Smith are handling as separate items the material required by their clinics.

The following people were reported to be the currently planned instructors:
First Time Referees: Boots Hall, Lynn Black, Dick Griffith and John Hirschmann
Stroke and Turn: Lynn Black, Boots Hall and Ken Kunstel (?)
Starter - Jim Garner, Dick Griffith & Arvydas Barzdukas
Referee - Marty Cohen, Ken Kunstel & Jim Carey
HyTek - Linda Raab, Heather Harris & Becca Peck (Don Smith in charge)
Colorado - Jim Garner & Al Betts (Don Smith in charge.)
Meet Director - Donna Tonnessen, Bruce and Kathe Shriver, Marty Cohen (Jack Mechler in charge.)

It was noted that some revisions to these assignments may still need to be made and that not all assignments had been confirmed..

Boots Hall was asked to take the lead in organizing the First Time Referee and Stroke and Turn clinics, Arvydas for the Starter's clinic, and Marty Cohen for the recertifying Referee's clinic.

Referee's Clinic

Hirschmann sought input on what topics should be covered in the returning referees clinic this year. He stated he would report on any relevant developments from the USS convention, and the new PVS Policy and Procedures Manual. Committees members suggested that news from USS convention that is not directly relevant to PVS be minimized.

The guidance being given new starters will be covered to assure that Referee are supportive. Garner and Hirschmann are working on this. It will be expanded to also to discuss the final Starter session evaluation sheet now also being finalized.

Crudup indicated he would like to make a presentation. Smith and Mechler are also expected to make presentations regarding their respective Committee’s activities.

Cohen was asked to coordinate the Referees clinic, in terms of the topics to be covered, topic leaders and time allocation. Committee members were asked to provide good situations based on previous PVS experience for the discussion (rather than continuing to use the USS situation cards.).

Arny-Navy Country Club Gathering

Hirschmann noted the Army-Navy Country Club gathering on October 21 will be expanded to include Meet Directors and Equipment Coordinators. Smith is responsible for identifying and inviting the former, Mechler the later. The theme will be expanded from just discussing items of interest to Club Officials Chr, to areas on common interest relevant to running a good meet. Discussion of topics of specific interest to just Referees, Meet Equipment Operators, or Meet Directors should be minimized.

New Referees

Hirschmann reviewed with the Committee how many of Referees starting to train as Referees are now certified. He noted that 11 of the 13 new referees training in the 1995-96 season are now certified, but the ratio is considerably lower for the 1996-97 season. Two of the individuals who started the process have now left the area. Hirschmann and others agreed to contact the remainder to determine where they are in the process and to encourage them to come to the Referees clinic and complete the process.

The Committee reviewed nominees received from the Club Officials Chr as well as other Starters who have been certified for the requisite period of time as to whom should be selected as New Referee candidates. The following were selected to be invited:

John Ertter, TCSD; Tom Green, RMSC; Charles Griffis, CUBU (transfer from CT swim); Roger Leonard, RMSC; Chris Lewis, FBST; Dave Macedonia, AAC; John McKenzie, VSC (previously invited, but could not attend); Frank Robinson, TCSD

Other possible candidates that should first be encouraged to get their HyTek and/or Colorado/Timing Judge at this time were discussed. These are individuals who do not yet have sufficient time in as Starter, but are expected to be strong candidates once they have more experience. Various members of the Committee agreed to contact these individuals

Other Items

Hirschmann reviewed with the Committee two special situations that had been brought to his attention regarding persons desiring to becoming certified as a PVS referee. The Committee discussed the matter and made the following general recommendations..

Based on this discussion, the Committee also agreed it should review the overall PVS transfer policy pertaining to officials. Transferring officials should contact Boots to find out what they need to do. Club Officials representatives should send them to her. Boots subsequently agreed to work on a clearer written statement of our transfer policy.

There was discussion on whether a new Referee’s test received on Tuesday, September 2 should be graded.

The Committee agreed the trainee seeking the final review needs to make sure an approved evaluator is there, the Club Officials Chairman and/or Meet Director may help line up the Evaluator, but the trainee is ultimately responsible.

Hirschmann and Garner agreed they will work on the Starter's script to assure consistent commands and procedures at PVS meets. The status of starter evaluation form was reviewed and changes were reviewed. Hirschmann indicated he would finalize with assistance from Hall.

It was proposed that work should start on a similar evaluation form for Referees. Volunteers were sought and possibilities discussed. No assignment made. Hirschmann was asked to make inquiries at the USS convention for examples from other LSCs. If one or more are found, Cohen will be willing to work with these.

Don Smith gave a report from Operations Support Committee regarding current status to PVS equipment, plans for having CTS perform their annual maintenance, completed and planned purchases, etc.

There was a discussion of how to interprest the August 31 deadline for taking the Referee's test. One test was recently received with a September 2 postmark, which was the first business day following August 31.

Hirschmann briefed the Committee on various items from the July PVS BofD's meeting.

Hirschmann reported on the establishment of the Dave Davis memorial fund, noting that contributions were still welcome and that a special committee will meet soon to propose a suitable use related to officiating for the funds. Committee members were invited to make suggestions.

Hirschmann noted he expected to get shortly from the Betty and Lance Davis the files and computer disks had that pertained to PVS officiating activities.

Hirschmann asked for Committee input on the desirability of posting Officials Committee material on PVS home page. This could include the detailed training material for various officiating positions that Dave Davis had prepared. Most committee members felt it would be appropriate to do so.

Next Meeting:

It was agreed the next Officials Committee meeting would be Thursday, October 9 at 7:00 PM. Meeting place will be Marty Cohen's meeting space, 8110 Gatehouse Road.. An important topic will be to complete planning for the the Army Navy Country Club gathering on October 21.