MARCH 3, 1998


The meeting was called to order at 7:10. Present were John Hirschmann, Chairman; Arvydas Barzdukas, Bob Brofft, Marty Cohen, Thirl Crudup, Tyanna Ertter, Dick Griffith, Jack Mechler, and Don Smith.

PVS LSC Workshop

John Hirschmann reported that PVS is planning to hold a workshop on the weekend of April 25 and 26. The overall theme will be "Honoring our Own." A number of PVS former Olympians will be contacted, and invited to participate and conduct sessions. Charly Mallery will be leading the Officiating portion of the program for about 2 hours on Sunday afternoon. [Note: it was subsequently announced that the workshop sessions were canceled due to insufficient registration.]

USS Training Clinics

John Hirschmann announced that USS has allocated 2 slots for the upcoming USS Officials Training Clinic in Colorado Springs from May 22 to 24. Thirl Crudup and Bob Brofft had been selected at the December Officials Committee meeting. Thirl advised he could not attend due to a scheduling conflict. Since Jim Garner is the first alternate, he will attend in his place.

Hirschmann announced he expects to attend the bi-annual clinic for LSC Officials Chairs which will be held April 24-25 in Lake Placid, NY.

Referees for upcoming PVS Senior Championship Meets

Hirschmann indicated he will be the Meet Referee and Marty Cohen will serve as Administrative Referee for the March short course Championship Meet. He also indicated he had two other names who wished to be considered for the July long course Senior Championship Meet. He asked other Committee members to advise him if they wished to be considered.

Spring Officials Clinic

The clinic is now scheduled for May 4, 1998 from 7:30 to 10:00 pm at the Burke Racquet and Swim Club in Burke, VA. This will be a Stroke & Turn Judge clinic, and is the last clinic planned until the fall.

Rules changes

There was continued discussion of the correct interpretation of the rules changes that go into effect on March 6. USS has recently clarified the forward starting rule to indicate that a foot (or both feet) may be on the forward edge initially and that at least one foot must move to (or remain at) the forward edge when the command to "Take your mark" is given.

During the breaststroke, the shoulders now are no longer required to be parallel to the water surface, however, all movements of the arms must be in the same horizontal plane. "Horizontal" means "parallel to the horizon", which is the normal plane of the water surface.

The rules changes have been widely disseminated to all coaches, nationally certified officials, and club officials chairs by mail, and they are posted on the PVS and USS Web sites as well. They will be in effect beginning with the Jr. Champs meet.

Order of final and consolation final heats

Jim Garner distributed draft procedures we will use to handle no-shows in finals heats under the new fast-to-slow sequence to be used for championship meets. All coaches will be notified of the changes before the start of the meet. Swimmers from consolation and bonus consolation heats should be present behind the blocks when the final heat is called in order to be substituted for any missing finals swimmers. Vacancies will be filled by the fastest available swimmer(s) from the consolation heat who are present. We will not delay the meet to search for swimmers who are not present in the vicinity of their lanes. As always, alternates should report to the Referee before the start of the event.

Name tags

John Hirschmann reported that he is hopeful PVS will provide some funding for a standard PVS official=s name tag in next years budget. These will be issued to and worn by registered officials in order to assist swimmers, coaches and officials alike in getting better acquainted with officials on deck and to maintain a more professional environment.

Training materials

Arvydas Barzdukas, Boots Hall and John Hirschmann are reviewing the training handouts that Dave Davis maintained for each officials position. They are updating these to reflect the recent rules changes. Necessary technical updates will be finished in time to support area summer league officials clinics. These may be updated again prior to the 1998-99 USS season. .

Meet announcements

Jack Mechler indicated that his committee is currently reviewing and revising the summer long course meet announcements for consistency and clarity, and he expects these to be completed by late March. After discussion, we suggested that the championship meet announcements be reviewed by the Officials Committee prior to publication, and that others be reviewed by the scheduled meet referee if this can be arranged without significantly holding up the production process. The goal is to identify and correct potentially vague or ambiguous statements that could cause difficulty in interpreting how the meet is to be conducted. In case of conflict between heat sheets and the meet announcement (i.e., order of swim, etc.) , the meet announcement will govern.

Electronic timing equipment

Don Smith reported that one cause of occasional problems that have been reported with our Colorado timing equipment at winter meets is associated with placing components into service without allowing sufficient time for them to warm up or dry out. Moving cold equipment into the warm moist pool environment can cause condensation and transient problems. He strongly suggests that pads, harnesses, buttons, wiring, timing console and starting devices be brought into the pool at least several hours (overnight is even better) prior to the meet. Storing the equipment in a car trunk and bringing it to the deck just before the session is asking for trouble.

Don also indicated that Fairfax County inspectors recently questioned use of electrical equipment on deck. They require that extension cords and equipment be plugged into GFI outlets. They did examine and accept use of the Colorado timing equipment in and near the pools.

Next meeting

The date of the next meeting will be announced.