JULY 7, 1998

The meeting was called to order at 7:00. Present were John Hirschmann, Chairman; Arvydas Barzdukas, Lynn Black, Bob Brofft, Marty Cohen, Tyanna Ertter, Jim Garner, Dick Griffith, Jack Mechler, and Frank Persico.

Officials Testing and Certification
Lynn Black reported that she has been receiving approximately 1 or 2 PVS tests per week from officials over the summer. Many of these reflect interest from officials trained at PVS-sanctioned summer league clinics in NVSL, MCSL, PMSL and CSL. Approximately 50 of these clinic attendees requested and received the PVS test.

PVS Officials Training Clinics
Tyanna Ertter prepared and submitted a proposed officials clinic schedule for 1998 -1999. It was based on the general schedule discussed by the Committee at its June 3 meeting. The schedule emphasizes clinics in the fall to coincide with the usual wave of parental enthusiasm at the start of the new season. Clinics for Meet Managers and Meet Entry Processing will be conducted early in the schedule. After discussion, we added back a Starters clinic in January 1999. The dates for the clinics were selected to minimize conflicts with known meets. Sites for some of the clinics have not been confirmed. The schedule will be posted to the PVS web site as soon as it is finalized.

Updates to PVS officials training materials
The PVS officials training materials will continue to be updated. It was suggested that they be expanded to cover some of the administrative practices and customs in use at PVS meets, including such things as deck entries, positive check in processing, table functions, scratch table operations, multi-site meets, trials and finals operations, etc. Many of these issues are covered in the Meet Director clinics, but it was felt that Referees and other officials need to also be aware of the procedures.

Other existing materials should be included in the hand-outs distributed at the clinics, including standardized officials briefing checklists, relay take off slips, heat reseed slips, officials session logs, etc.

Rules updates
We will ask Referees to continue to reinforce the spring rules changes at meet briefings during the early part of the 1998-99 season to ensure that the rules are being properly interpreted and the correct calls are being made.

Staffing for PVS Long Course Senior Championship Meets
Primary officials were assigned for the upcoming PVS LC Sr. Champs meet. Names of officials volunteering to work were provided by Club Officials Chairs. They were assigned based on experience, availability and needs of the various sessions. Shortages of officials to fully staff some of the sessions were noted, and John Hirschmann indicated he would again solicit the Officials Chairs for additional volunteers. The timing of the Age Group Champs on the same weekend, and the fact that at least one of the larger PVS clubs was planning to attend an out of town meet rather than PVS Sr. Champs were cited as factors limiting officials' availability.

Requirements for National Certification
In response to questions from Clubs, we clarified that National Certification requires that the official applying for certification have completed at least one full year of officiating at the level for which certification is sought at the time of the National Certification meet (such as JOs).

Update to Officials Registration Data Base
Bob Brofft volunteered to work with Boots Hall to update the existing database (currently in an ancient DOS data base package) used to track registrations. He will migrate the system into a Windows-based package that allows more flexible updates, extracts, and reports.

Next meeting
The next meeting will be held the first or second week in September. September 1 or September 9 were indicated as likely dates. John Hirschmann will announce the meeting time and place after checking member's post-vacation schedules.