The meeting was called to order at 7:10. Present were John Hirschmann, Chairman; Thirl Crudup, Arvydas Barzdukas, Bob Brofft, Jim Carey, Marty Cohen, Tyanna Ertter, Jim Garner, Dick Griffith, and Frank Persico.

Operations Division Report
Thirl Crudup reported that several new 50-meter competition pools have been or will be completed over the next year. These may be considered for PVS meets. They include:

  • University of Maryland at College Park
  • Prince George?s Sports and Learning Complex (summer 99)
  • George Mason University (Fairfax and Manassas sites)
  • Meet announcements for the short course season have been getting posted to the PVS web site. The championship meet announcements are being developed, and will be posted after completion of reviews by the Competition Committee and the Officials Committee.

    Use of PVS Timing Equipment
    PVS will offer "service alternatives" to clubs sponsoring meets. Clubs may still pickup and setup the equipment themselves. However, for an additional charge (not yet finalized), Don Smith will arrange for delivery to the meet site, of touch pads, wiring harness, timing console, scoreboard, starting system, and computer equipment. The service will include setup and testing of all equipment, followed by breakdown and return of all equipment after the meet is concluded. The intention is to simplify efforts by clubs seeking to host meets.

    Thirl Crudup announced that PVS will continue its policy of permitting summer leagues affiliated with PVS to rent our electronic timing equipment provided it does not interfere with conduct of PVS meets.

    PVS Emphasis on Club Meets
    Thirl also reported on the continuing emphasis within PVS on club-sponsored meets for a larger portion of the competitive offerings. While clubs are free to schedule open, closed, or invitational meets, it is expected that meet directors will apply for PVS sanction for such meets, and ensure that they are conducted in accordance with PVS rules and policies. After discussion, the Officials Committee feels that it is important for proper officiating at such meets that:

  • Meet directors explicitly indicate their plan for ensuring adequate officiating in their application for PVS meet sanction
  • The Competition Committee should consider this plan in reviewing and granting the PVS meet sanction
  • The Officials Committee will recommend minimum officiating standards for such meets
  • Meet announcements should be published (far enough in advance and on the web if possible) so that officials in training will have opportunities to work sessions at such meets
  • New Officials Committee Members
    The Committee discussed whether the membership of the Committee should be expanded. Various names were discussed. The Committee decided at this time to extend an invitation to Jack Schaeffer. [He subsequently accepted the invitation to join.] Other individuals may be invited at a later date.

    Instructors for 1998-99 Officials Clinics
    The fall schedule was reviewed, and we agreed that dates for the January clinics should be set by October. We reviewed the list of instructors and agreed that the same instructors as were used during 1997-98 should be scheduled whenever possible.

    Officials Testing
    The Committee affirmed its previously announced decision that effective September 1, 1998, we will no longer grade the 1997 version of any officials tests. Accordingly, all submissions from this date should be done using the 1998 tests.

    First Time Referees Clinic Invitations
    We reviewed nominations for new Referees that were either submitted by the club Officials Chairs or recommended by members of the Officials Committee based on a review of starters who have been certified for at least one year. John Hirschmann will contact the officials recommended by the Committee and invite them to attend the First Time Referees Clinic. [Note: A few of the individuals invited declined due to other obligations. Seven individuals accepted. In addition to the clinic scheduled for September 22, a second one was added on October 19 for those who had a schedule conflict.]

    Name Tags for Officials
    John Hirschmann shared with the Committee samples of the various name tags that are in use. He noted that one club had approached him about doing their own style tag for their officials. The Committee felt that having different clubs providing name tags of varying designs was undesirable even if the club affiliation was not explicitly shown. The Committee felt that a standard name tag style for all officials is desirable. We agreed that if John Drupa (of OCCS) was willing to take on responsibility for having tags made for all officials that we should proceed in that manner. [John Drupa subsequently agreed to do so.]

    Dave Davis Memorial Fund
    Betsy Stevenson, representing NVSL, and Arvydas, representing PVS, met to consider some of the alternative initiatives that would further honor Dave's work in improving swimming officiating. Arvydas presented some of the ideas that have been proposed. After discussion, we recommended pursuing the creation of an officials binder (notebook) that would be distributed to PVS and NVSL officials to contain and organize the many officiating materials and handouts that help keep officials current. Such a binder would contain a tribute to Dave, and a set of tabs to organize loose leaf materials. Arvydas will research alternative designs and costs, and prepare a specific proposal.

    Rules Changes
    Arvydas reported that USS has drafted a new Code of Conduct, which will affect athletes, coaches, and officials. A draft version is posted on the USS web site. Any comments on the proposed Code of Conduct should be sent to Arvydas prior to the USA convention scheduled to start October 1.

    Colorado Timing Issue
    Jim Garner has tested a procedure to recover from the problem that arose during the 50-meter freestyle during PVS LC Senior Champs this summer. The problem arose when touch pads were used at both pool ends, starting for the 50s was moved to the far end, and the Colorado timing console was not set to turn off far end splits (turning them off would have been the correct procedure.) Even though the race distance was set to 50, the timing console would not recognize the race as finished, and the times continued to run.

    The preferred solution is to disarm the far end splits prior to starting races from the far end. The "confirmation" process will be to continue to make sure that far end starting unit activates the timing system, but expand upon it by also pushing on a pad to make sure that a finish will be recorded.

    However, if for some reason this is not done, the touch pads and button presses are still recorded in the console. However, the following procedure must be used to recover this information

  • Set the race distance to 100
  • Press STORE/PRINT -- this will record the PROPER pad and button times for the 50
  • After the race is stored, then
  • RESET the console
  • Set distance to 50
  • Turn off far end splits
  • Next meeting
    The next meeting will be held the first or second week in December, with a primary focus on staffing JOs. [This meeting was subsequently set for December 8.]