DECEMBER 8, 1998

The meeting was called to order at 7:10p. Present were: John Hirschmann, Chairman; Arvydas Barzdukas, Marty Cohen, Tyanna Ertter, Jim Garner, Jack Mechler, Jack Schaeffer and Don Smith.

New Member
Jack Schaeffer was welcomed to the Committee. Committee procedures were reviewed.

USA Swimming Activities
Hirschmann reviewed with the Committee the just announced new membership of the USA Swimming Officials Committee. Staffing plans and application forms for National Championship meets were reviewed briefly.

PVS Activities
The significant changes in PVS clubs (the establishment of several new clubs and the departure of others) were reviewed. Hirschmann advised that plans for the January 1999 clinics have essentially been finalized. George Mason is being used as a training site for the first time. Instructors will generally remain the same as they have been for prior clinics.

Attendance at USA Swimming Officials Training Clinic
Hirschmann advised that the clinic would be held again this year in May. In order to get two persons accepted for the clinic, it is important to submit a request promptly when USA Swimming seeks nominations. The Committee agreed to continue the prior practice of selecting by lot individuals on the Officials Committee who have not previously attended. A drawing was held and the order of nominations (based on ability to attend) will be: Thirl Crudup, Frank Persico, Jack Schaeffer, and Tyanna Ertter.

Referee Certification
Hirschmann advised the Committee that the PVS Board had requested that the policy adopted several years ago that did not require Referees certified at that point in time to become certified on Hy-Tek and CTS be reviewed. (Referees who first became certified after that date were required to do so.) As of September, 1998 12 of the 51 PVS referees had been "grandfathered."

The Committee briefly discussed the matter. Hirschmann indicated Committee members who could not be present had advised him of their views on the matter some of which were reflected opposite points of view. The Committee deferred final discussion and action on this matter until its next meeting.

Certification Matter
Hirschmann raised the issue as to whether a transferring official (who is primarily interested in serving as an Administrative Referee) needed to become a Referee, or whether we should certify that individual solely as an Administrative Referee. The Committee decided it would prefer to have the individual become certified as a Referee with the recognition this individual would primarily serve as an administrative referee or at related table positions.

Distance Meets
Hirschmann and Garner noted that concerns had been raised within both the coaching and officiating communities regarding the need for guidance on how distance meets should be run in terms of reporting/sign-in times, warm-ups, advancing swimmers to faster heats, publicizing expected time lines, etc. The Committee was advised that Garner and Mel (Mark Eldridge) would be working on developing written procedures so distance meets would be run on a more consistent basis.

Junior Olympics
Hirschmann advised that Marty Cohen would serve as Meet Referee, Jim Garner as Administrative Referee and Bob Brofft as the Site Referee for the 12 & Under sessions.

Cohen sought the Committee's views on whether coaches should be permitted on the bulkheads during pace work, distance events, etc. It was agreed this should be held to the minimum possible and the concerns of the FCPA concerning safety, load capacity, etc. needed to be addressed.

Hirschmann provided the committee with the names of the 80+ officials who had volunteered to work the meet, including certifications and sessions for which they would be available. The practice of assuring well-qualified officials as Starters and Referees was continued. Efforts were made when possible to allow people who had not previously had opportunities to perform in these capacities to do so. Don Smith as Chr. of the Operations Support Division made recommendations regarding the assignment of people to serve as CTS and Hy-Tek Operators. It was agreed that Hirschmann would be complete the process by assigning Stroke and Turns to various sessions and disseminating the assignments made to the club officials chairs.

Next Meeting
Hirschmann indicated the next meeting would be January 6 or January 7 to discuss several open items on which discussion could not be completed at this meeting.