FEBRUARY 23, 1999


The meeting was called to order at 7:10. Present were: John Hirschmann, Chairman; Arvydas Barzdukas, Marty Cohen, Jim Garner, Boots Hall, Frank Persico, Jack Schaeffer, and Don Smith.

"Grandfathered" Referees

Hirschmann reported the PVS Board had accepted the Committee's recommendation concerning those Referees who received their initial certification prior to the time it became a requirement for new Referees to also be certified on Hy-Tek and the Colorado Timing System. The recommendation is that such Referees be given until September 2000 to obtain those certifications if they wish to remain as PVS Referees. Hirschmann will notify each affected Referee of this requirement.

Rescheduling of Hy-Tek Clinic

Don Smith reported that he was still attempting to reschedule the Hy-Tek clinic that had been planned for early January that was canceled due to weather. The difficulty of finding a date during the spring championship season was discussed as was the importance of attempting to have this clinic particularly given the requirement that all prospective and now previously "grandfathered" referees will need to have this training.

Requirements for National Certification at JO's

Marty informed the Committee that he wished to confirm that there was a requirement for an official to be certified in a position for a year in order for his application to be properly submitted for National Certification. The Committee members confirmed that was their understanding of USA Swimming's requirements.

Spring Stroke and Turn Clinic

The Chairman noted that in contrast to the last two years, no Stroke and Turn clinic was planned by PVS for this Spring. He asked whether the Committee wished to reconsider and put this clinic back on the calendar. The Committee felt given the "yield" in terms of certified officials from those clinics and its proximity to several summer league clinics where this training is also provided make putting this clinic back on the calendar unnecessary.

Distance Meets

Hirschmann reported that concern was again expressed at the Board meeting about the need for PVS to have a better understanding of the procedures for how distance meets are being conducted particularly in terms of how to publicize time lines, whether to assume there will be "no shows, allowing or not allowing athletes to swim in earlier heats, etc.

Preparation for PVS Seniors

Garner and Cohen discussed with the Committee their plans for conducting the forthcoming Senior championship meet. It was agreed that no significant changes from the conduct of prior year meets were needed.

Staffing of PVS Seniors

Hirschmann provided the Committee with the names of people who had volunteered to work PVS Seniors. The Committee continued its practice of assuring the positions of Starter and Referee were well staffed. Smith provided input regarding the staffing of the "table positions." It was agreed that Hirschmann would complete the assignment process by assigning Stroke and Turns (based on availability of volunteers) and notify the club officials chairs of all assignments.

Future Meeting Location

Hirschmann informed the Committee that the current meeting location may no longer be available and asked Committee members to advise him of alternate sites that could be used.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:30 pm.