MAY 25, 1999


The meeting was called to order at 7:15pm at the Catholic University Law School. Present were: John Hirschmann, Chairman; Arvydas Barzdukas, Jim Carey, Jim Garner, Boots Hall, and Frank Persico.

New Starter's Video Training Tape

Prior to the meeting, attendees were given an opportunity to view the new USA Swimming Starter's video tape that had been released in late April. It was well received by the Committee. Those in attendance informally agreed that it would likely be shown at most (if not all) summer league officials clinics in the PVS area.

Committee Reports

Jim Carey and Boots Hall have no significant news to report regarding testing and certification respectively.

Hirschmann reported that Lynn Black will have limited time to devote to Committee activities due to other commitments. She is willing to continue to grade the Stroke and Turn tests. The Committee indicated it's desire to have her continue in this capacity and hopes that she will be able to resume a more active participation in Committee activities in the future.

Other Reports

Persico reported on the recent trip by Persico and Schaefer to the USA Swimming Officials Clinic in Colorado Springs. Frank reported that two items given new attention this year by USA Swimming are how to officiate meets involving swimmers with disabilities, and Open Water officiating.

He also reported on their discussion of how the new "no recall starts" will be officiated. These procedures will be used at major USA Swimming meets starting this spring. It is a result of FINA's decision to adopt such a policy at international meets.

Hirschmann reported that PVS has been awarded the 2000 SC Eastern Zone meet at the recent Eastern Zone meeting. It will be held next March 30-April 1 at the new Prince Georges Sports and Learning Complex. He also noted that as a result of an initiative taken by the USA Swimming Officials Committee, the Eastern Zone is seriously looking into appointing a Zone Officials Chairman. One of the anticipated duties would be to be involved with selecting officials for the zone championship meet.

Highlights, including election results, from the House of Delegates meeting on May 18 were briefly covered, as well as news from the Competition Committee meeting on May 22, including changes in the summer competition schedule and pool venues.

Hirschmann reported that the National Officials Chairman Pat Lunsford would be responsible for staffing the World Cup at the University of Maryland on November 17-18 and that application forms to volunteer to officiate that meet would be available shortly.

Starters authorized to observe Prospective PVS Starters

The Committee was advised that Chuck Bowers and Wayne Williams had received favorable evaluations at the recent National Championships and have been added to the list of starters eligible to be considered to start at future national level meets. The Committee agreed they should be added to the list of names of PVS starters who can sign-off on prospective PVS starters at their final session.

Change in Transfer Policy

Hirschmann noted that the current PVS policy regarding accepting transferring officials from other LSC's did not address whether the losing LSC required its officials to at least meet the minimum USA Swimming standards to be a certified official. We agreed to modify our policy to make clear that the policy only applies to an official coming from an LSC that is in compliance with the national minimums.

Adopted Abridged Officials Test

The Committee was advised that the National Officials Committee has adopted for the first time a shorter abridged test for those officials who are recertifying for a position. After reviewing the abridged test, the Committee agreed that PVS officials needing to recertify for a particular position would be able to take the shorter test.

Implement Recall Rope

Hirschmann noted that as of May 15, 1999 the use of a recall rope is mandatory at USA Swimming meets. The Committee agreed that PVS officials have the responsibility to ensure that the position is properly manned whenever the pool venue makes the recall rope available. Hirschmann advised he has made Don Smith aware that this requirement is now in place.

Summer League Clinics Supported

The Committee confirmed that it would continue to give credit for attendance at summer league stroke and turn clinics, provided that qualified instructors known to the PVS Officials Committee continue to be used. It is currently anticipated that clinics conducted by NVSL, MCSL, PMSL and CSL will meet this criterion. As in the past, a single copy of PVS developed training material will be made available to those summer leagues that request it. Leagues are free to reproduce and distribute these training materials to their officials.

To encourage individuals going to these clinics to become certified by PVS, copies of the certification test, observation card, etc. are being made available to those in attendance who expressed an interest.

Clinic plans for 1999-2000

The clinic schedule for 1998-1999 was reviewed. The Committee decided to not make any significant changes in the schedule from this year. The annual meeting with Club Officials Chairman will be continued.

It was noted more time would be available between the end of the USA Swimming convention and the first PVS meet next year. The Committee felt one Stroke and Turn/Starter clinic should be before the Club Officials Chair's gathering and the other after. It was agreed the CTS and HyTek clinic should be before the October Open this year. Finally, it was agreed that both the October and January Referee's clinics would probably be scheduled for a weekend this year.

Apply for National Certification

It was noted that for the past few years, PVS has not asked to have its LC Senior Championship Meet approved as a National Certification Meet. Several have indicated that they feel better support of this meet would be achieved if such a certification could be obtained at this meet. The Committee agreed to seek such approval for this summer's meet.

Meet Referee and Admin Referee

There was discussion of who should serve a Meet Referee for the 1999 Senior Long Course Meet. Hirschmann indicated a desire to serve in this capacity. He invited others who were interested in serving as Admin Referee at this meet to put their names forward.

Future Meeting Location and Date

The Committee discussed possible future locations for Committee meetings. Committee members were invited to volunteer other possible locations. (Other obligations rather than tonight's location was responsible for the attendance at this meeting.) The Committee agreed to meet again on July 7. The primary agenda item will be staffing of PVS LC Seniors.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 p. m.