SEPTEMBER 27, 1999

Time & Place: 7 pm, Catholic University

Attendees: M. Cohen, F. Persico, J. Garner, B. Brofft, A. Barzdukas, J. Schaeffer, T. Ertter, D. Griffith, J. Hirschmann

John Hirschmann open the meeting as the outgoing chairman by thanking everyone on the committee for their support and efforts over the years and explained his new duties as Operations Chairman. He then turned the floor over to the incoming chairman, Marty Cohen.

Marty handed out a tentative list of committee assignments for the coming year. He also announced that Lynn Black would not be returning as a committee member for the upcoming year. In addition to the list of assignments, Frank Persico assumed the role of Vice Chairman, Jack Schaeffer as the Secretary, and Bob Brofft will handle scoring the Stroke and Turn exams.

Because of the new format of the JO meet, Marty raised the question of whether the committee wanted to staff the meet as a championship meet. After some discussion, the committee agreed to move forward as done in the past and staff the meet as a championship meet. Marty asked for suggestions or volunteers who might be willing to assume the role of Meet Referee and Admin Referee. He also indicated that he would like to have an Admin Referee for both sites. No decision made at this meeting.

John recapped the events and activities at the USA Swimming Convention. Highlights included:

  • New rule changes
  • Headset Protocols
  • Decision to hold two National Official Clinics, one in the East and one in the West
  • Progress on the new Stroke and Turn instructional tapes
  • Rules concerning Disabled Swimmers
  • New Starting Procedures to go into effect nationally on May 15, 2000; PVS to begin using new procedures at Age Group, Senior, Open and Championship meets starting on January 1, 2000 and at mini meets after May 15, 2000.
  • No Recall rule to be used after January 1, 2000 but only if indicated in the meet announcement

Marty indicated that 5 individuals were asked to join the Referee ranks, but only two accepted the offer.

Marty opened a discussion on how to encourage more folks to enter the official's ranks. He went over the new role of the Club Liaison from the ranks of the committee. These folks would open a dialog with each assigned club's official chairman and begin to encourage them to be bigger advocates for "new blood" within our ranks. In addition, it is hoped that this new committee role will help open communication channels between the committee and the Club Official Chairman. Tips were given on what to emphasize when contacting the Club chairmen. Marty also emphasized the need for more women in our ranks, especially as starters and referees.

The annual Club Official Chairman meeting was set for 21 October 99 at the River Falls facility in Potomac.

The question of recall rope utilization came up. Decision was to staff that position only if a recall rope is in place.

The committee decided to target the springtime for new appointments to the committee.

Arvydas Barzdukas reviewed the proceedings from his recent meeting with PG County concerning their new swimming venue. The management of the pool was to be turned over to the County on 8 October 99. Arvydas indicated that the facility would not be open for use until after January 00. He gave a general overview of the meeting content.

The next committee meeting was set for 1 November 99 at 7:30 pm at Catholic University. December 7th was discussed as a possible date for the following meeting.

Frank Persico was thanked for providing a meeting place at Catholic U.

Meeting adjourned at approximately 9:40 pm.