PVS Officials

Minutes of Officials Committee Meetings

FEBRUARY 1, 2005

Members present: Boots Hall, Jim Van Erden, Jim Thompson, Jerry Wisor, Art Davis, Dick Griffith, Pam Starke-Reed, Tim Husson, Jim Garner, Ron Whalen and Rita Page.

The meeting convened at 7:00 pm at Boots Hall's House.

Announcement: Boots announced that Jim Van Erden had agreed to accept the position of Officials Chair.

Colorado Training Sessions: It was stated and agreed that those not attending a Colorado clinic could obtain certification by working 4 sessions as long as one or more of them was under the training persons listed here: John McDonald, Jim Garner, Bob Richardson, Don Smith, Jim Thompson, Art Davis, Jim Van Erden, Tim Husson, Sue Schwartz, Jack Schaeffer, Bob Anderson, Keith Leach, and Pam Starke-Reed.

Officials Session Tracking: Jim Thompson reported that he is not receiving all reports from the meets. He has been sending the files to the meet managers prior to the meet in hope of getting them to complete the database for their meet and return it to him. He has missed sending it out to a few and he was actually present to input at several meets himself. He will continue to track meets and to get hosts of meets more involved in the process.

Officials Committee: Jim Van Erden discussed the desire to reorganize the officials committee with several subcommittees. Some of the subcommittees discussed were Clinics, Outreach, Handout /Training material update, website update.

Senior Champs National Certification Meet: Tim Husson agreed to be the Admin Ref for the March meet at PG County. Jim will work on staffing the meet as the time draws nearer and he sees how many volunteers we have.

Facilities: Art Davis had written a letter regarding unsafe conditions existing at the Fairland meet. So many lights are out that the facility is too dark. Discussed the need to address issues at facilities in Maryland, DC and Virginia where unsafe conditions exist. Facility issues such as the scoreboard not working properly and the circuit breakers tripping at PG were also discussed. Need to search for a solution.

Swimposium: We discussed PVS hosting a Swimposium around the first Sunday in October at George Mason University. It would run all day and the cost would be $10. Would like to run 3 tracks, one for Age Group Coaches, one for Business Managers of Clubs and on for Officials. The Officials committee would be responsible for putting together the Officials portion. We need volunteers to work on agenda for the day. USA Swimming will send an instructor.

Website Sub-Committee: The need for a website sub-committee was discussed and Tim Husson said he would work on a new design for an officials web page with a link from the PVS home page. Art Davis and Denise will work with him to accomplish this task.

Clinic Sub-Committee: It was discussed that this sub-committee would be responsible for setting up the clinics for next year. Jared Wisor will coordinate in Maryland/DC and Bob Broftt and Boot Hall will coordinate in Virginia.

Training Materials Sub-Committee: This sub-committee would update all handouts and training materials for the various clinics. Dick Griffith volunteered to take on this task with Jack Schaefer. Rita Page offered to help.

Incentives Sub-Committee: Need someone to coordinate the distribution of the various incentives the officials committee as introduced to help us obtain and retain our officials. There will be a need to have a person in Maryland/DC and one in Virginia to handle these.

Fly-over starts: It was discussed that this protocol is being used at several meets this past year. There is a need to have a description of the protocol written and distributed to coaches and officials. Ron Whalen volunteered to handle this.

Situations: Two situations discussed were in the Breastroke when a swimmer does not complete a cycle at the finish or the turn it is perfectly legal. Also in the backstroke too many judges are calling the "roll-over" stroke as the one stroke allowed on the breast. This is not correct.

Meeting adjourned at 9:00 pm.

Next Meeting: Tuesday, March 15, 2005 at 6:45 location TBD.

Respectfully submitted,
Rita Page
Committee Member