PVS Officials

Minutes of Officials Committee Meetings

JUNE 28, 2005

Members present: Jim Van Erden Chairman, Boots Hall, Don Smith, Jim Thompson, Jim Garner, Sue Schwartz, Bob Brofft, Denice Wepasnick, Pam Starke Reed, Jack Schaeffer, Tim Husson, Jared Wisor, Ron Whalen and Rita Page.

The meeting convened at 6:50 pm at Jim Van Erden's office.

Sanctioned Meets: There was a discussion regarding what we might do about staffing the sanctioned meets and the lack of officials to staff them. It was suggested that we hold less meets but that was countered with the fact that there is no lack of swimmers and we'd hate to take opportunities to compete away from them. There needs to be a better balance of frequency and duration of the meets.

Suggestions for Swimposium Topics: We discussed topics Pat Lunsford suggested he cover and came up with some other topics the committee would like to see covered. Topics include - Conflict Resolution, Rule changes being considered by FINA this year, gray areas and how best to cope, officials under or over calling and starting demonstrations at the pool.

New Referee Recommendations: The following were recommended to be invited to the New Referee Clinic this year. James McDaniel, Chris Loeser, Andrew Ladas, Mary Ann Eull, jack Moody, Lou Hepp and Steve Traylor. Jim Van Erden will contact Candidates.

Conduct of Officials: There have been incidents of officials acting in a less than ideal manner on deck. Jim Van Erden will send letter to individual officials asking to reevaluate their behavior.

Clinics for 2005-06 Season: Boots will coordinate clinic dates with MD, VA and DC clinic organizers. The usual clinics will be held at Harvest Moon and Mac. We will try to schedule more clinics during meets and it was suggested at Saturday practices while children are swimming and parents are hanging around. Clinic materials will be reviewed and updated. Jim Van Erden and Dick Griffith will review the Referee materials, Jared Wisor and Denice Wepasnick will review Stroke and Turn, John McDonald and Rita Page will review Starter materials, Sue Schwartz and Jim Thompson will take care of Hy-Tek and Don Smith and Jim Garner will revise Colorado materials. It was suggested that we create Timing Judge Training and Jim Van Erden, Jack Schaeffer, Ron Whalen and Jim Garner will develop those materials.

Data Collection for Meets: Jim Thompson printed and reviewed the various reports available from Officials tracking system. Not all meets had information reported. From the data that was collected it was easy to that officials can be tracked by meet, by session and by official to report how many sessions each worked. It makes it easier to track what meets have enough officials and what meets may need more attention. There still needs to be more consistency in getting this information reported for all meets. Jim will work on a solution.

Officials Webpage: Tim Husson reported on the development of the new officials webpage. And asked everyone to take a look and report any errors or give suggestions. New site is easier to maneuver.

Tchotchkes for Officials: Jim Van Erden discussed the need for a committee to handle distribution, ordering and inventory for these items. Boots reported that beginning in 2006 PVS will fee for USA Swimming membership. Suggestions were made to expand the current "give aways" for officials to include shirts for the larger, committee staffed meets, t-shirts, pens or pencils for timers working at least three sessions of a meet, Stickers and magnets for timers. Jim mentioned that Dick Griffith would handle these items.

Officials Club Chairmen Meeting: As discussed in previous meetings, the committee felt it was important to hold a club officials chair meeting to discuss their rolls, duties and helpful hints to help better staff meets. A date of Tuesday September 20, 2005 was selected.

Meeting adjourned at 9:30 pm.

Next Meeting: Sunday, September 11, 2005 at a location and time to be determined

Respectfully submitted,
Rita Page
Committee Member