PVS Officials

Minutes of PVS Officials Committee Meetings

Minutes of
PVS Officials Committee Meeting
January 24, 2008

Members present: Jim Van Erden Chair, Boots Hall, Jim Garner, Bob Brofft, Jack Schaeffer, Tim Husson, Ron Whalen, Pam Starke Reed, Jim Thompson, Jack Neill, and Rita Page.

The meeting convened at 6:45 pm at Jim Van Erden's Office in Arlington, VA.

Meets: Jim Van Erden wants to get the 14&U Junior Olympic Meet (2/28/0-03/2/08) sanctioned for N2 certification. Boots will let us know if it gets approved. Senior Champs (3/60-0-/08) has been approved for N2 certification and may approved for N3 if enough evaluators can be present. Sectionals (3/16 – 16/08) is set for N2& N3 certification but there is a need to set up more evaluators. Summer Zones (8/6 – 9/08) will be co-hosted by Potomac Valley and Virginia Swimming. Michael Downs, the Meet Referee, would like a list of officials for assigned (leadership) positions. Boots will be doing evaluations at that meet. Tim Husson will put applications to officiate for these meets on the website.

B/BB Meet: Ed Dona, club officials chair for FBST has asked the board for help in running the meet they are hosting 2/22 – 24/08. Jack Schaeffer stepped forward to help obtain officials for this meet but asked for someone else to handle Sunday’s meets. Boots, Jack Neill, & Jim Garner all volunteered to help with this meet.

New Referee for PVS: Donna Consadine a long time Maryland official has recently joined a PVS team and would like to transfer into PVS. Since her Maryland certification has expired she will need to take the online test and Denice will write an evaluation from the meets they have worked together in conformance with transfer policies for PVS.

Clinics: Current clinics being arranged include a referee clinic around February 10, 2008 Jim will contact referees needing recertification and put clinic date, time and location on website when determined. There will be a S&T clinic at Curl Burke. Some clubs have requested clinics. Ashburn Village is one and Bob Brofft will follow up with them. Snow has asked for a S&T clinic on 2/9/08 at Spring Hill. Jim Garner will follow up with JFD about their request and Jim Van Erden will follow up with OCCS for their S&T clinic request. We will need more 2007 USA Swimming mini rulebooks for these clinics.

Timing Judge: Jack Neill has drafted a guide for the Timing Judge position. Currently there is no requirement for Hy-Tek operators to take the Timing Judge test but are most often used in that position at a meet. Discussion suggested that begin giving a clinic on the TJ position,. A possible online clinic with scenarios was suggested as one possibility, incorporating it into the Hy-Tek clinic was another. It was also recommended that referees give explicit instructions to the person that will act as TJ or have the Hy-Tek operator begin to take the TJ online test as part of their certification. One other option was to begin to certify the TJ position with a clinic and a one time test for certification.

Newsletter: Jack Neill brought a sample of the first newsletter and it was decided that the newsletter would be distributed via email every other month. The committee will work with Jack to gather articles and materials for content.

Summer Clinics: Rita asked that everyone bring any handouts or cards they have from clinics in order to distribute them for the various summer clinics.

Officials Committee Structure: Jim Van Erden would like to form a committee to examine the current structure to see how we should organize and create a mission statement. There is a need for Officials Chair outreach program to help new chairs and advise long time chairs better understand their positions. Jim Van Erden, Ron Whalen, Bob Brofft and Jack Neill will form that committee.

Meeting adjourned at 9:15 pm.

Next Meeting: April 24, 2008 at Jim Van Erden's Office at 6:45 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Rita Page
Committee Member