PVS Officials

Minutes of PVS Officials Committee Meetings

Minutes of
PVS Officials Committee Meeting
September 7, 2008

Members present: Jim Van Erden Chair, Jim Garner, Jack Schaeffer, Tim Husson, Jim Thompson, Jack Neill, Peter Nichols and Denice Wepasnick. Pam Starke-Reed arrived late.

The meeting convened at 2:20 pm pm at Jim Van Erden's house.

USA Swimming Referee Clinic: The clinic will be held this year in Minneapolis on October 10-12. The Potomac Vally Swimming attendees will be Mike Rubin and Donna Considine.

Officials Committee: The membership of the committee was discussed. The question was if some inactive members should be dropped from the committee. While several persons were discussed, no formal action was initiated.

Also discussed were the names of potential new members to the committee. No formal action was taken.

New Referee Candidates: The list of PVS Starters was reviewed and a number of individuals that will be invited to train for Referee were identified. The Officials Chair will invite these individuals to a New Referee's Clinic at a TBD date.

Fall Officials Clinics: A number of clinics dates/times have been identified in both Virginia and Maryland. Several dates are still pending. The fall schedule should be posted on the PVS website by the end of the week.

The Referees Clinic is tentatively scheduled for October 4, 8-11 AM at the Montgomery Aquatic Center. The committee hopes to include modules on Timing Judge, Chief Judge and Administrative Referee at the clinic this year.

The committee wants to have the winter clinic schedule set up by the November committee meeting.

Chief Judge Manual: The committee thanked Jack Neill for his find work on the document. The committee hpoes we can get everyone in PVS on the same page and train chief judges for the higher level meets.

National Qualifying Meets: The committee hopes to use the following meets as National Qualifying Meets for N2/N3 certification: Tom Dolan Invitational (Dec), Senior Championships (Mar), Junior Olympic Championships (Mar), and Senior LC Championships (Jul).

Future Committee Meeting Dates: The committee agreed on the following tentative schedule: Nov 19, Jan 28, and Apr 22.

Meeting adjourned at 4:00 pm.

Next Meeting: November 19, 2008 at TBD

Respectfully submitted,
Tim Husson
Committee Member