PVS Officials

Minutes of PVS Officials Committee Meetings

Minutes of
PVS Officials Committee Meeting
April 29, 2009

Members present: Jim Van Erden, Jack Schaeffer, Jim Garner, Jim Thompson, Dick Griffith, Jack Neill, Rita Page and Boots Hall (via teleconference).

The meeting convened at 7:04 pm at 2920 S. Glebe Rd, Arlington, VA – Jim Van Erden's Office

Awards Reception: River Falls was tentatively reserved for May 16, 2009 to hold the Officials Award Reception. The committee agreed to defer the reception until September or October and maybe combine it with the Swimposium scheduled. (Officials will receive recertification clinic credit if they attend the Swimposium.) Another suggestion was to hold the reception at Army/Navy CC and have it catered.

Club Officials Chairs: The committee discussed attempting once more to get together with Club Officials Chairs in hopes of discussing what the Officials Committee and PVS see as the responsibilities of their position. With the change to using the OTS for official's meets worked records, we need to get word out to the meets referees that this information must be entered into the OTS. There has been a considerable turnover in the last few years and the committee would like to get together to answer questions, discuss ideas for recruiting and retaining officials and see what concerns and ideas are on their minds. While Tim Husson has contacted either the meet referee or the official listed on the meet announcement for every meet, there are still a few meets that have not been entered in OTS.

Hy-Tek and ETS Certification: As discussed at our previous meeting Tim Husson, Suey Nordberg and Janice Flamand have developed an evaluation list for hy-tek operators and Jim Garner and Dick Griffith have been working on the evaluation list for ETS operators. Beginning with the 2009-10 season all those wishing to certify as a Hy-tek Operator will need to attend a clinic, work 5 training sessions with the 5th session being observed by one of the following officials: Tim Husson, Jim Garner, Jim Thompson, Bob Brofft, Jack Schaeffer, Suey Norberg, Janice Flamand and Donna Considine.

ETS Operators are not required to attend a clinic but it is recommended. ETS Operators will need to work 5 training sessions, and be evaluated by one of the following officials on their 5th session: Tim Husson, Dick Griffith, Jim Garner, Bob Anderson, Bill Maneely, Mike Bush, Jim Van Erden, Lionel Bejean, Bob Brofft, Donna Considine, Art Davis, Jack Neill, Ron Whalen, John McKenzie, Denice Wepasnick, and Pam Starke-Reed. Both of these evaluation lists will be published when they are completed.

Starter and Referee Evaluators: It was agreed that Mike Bush and Bob Vincent should be added to the starter evaluators list. The following officials will be added to the Referee evaluator's list: Elizabeth Jester, Mike Rubin, Steed Edwards and John McKenzie.

New Committee Members: Jim will invite the following officials to join the Officials Committee: Bob Vincent, Lionel Bejean, Steed Edwards, Elizabeth Jester, Donna Considine and Mike Rubin.

Spring Clinics: No PVS clinics are scheduled for the spring. Tim would like to publish the local summer league clinics that are recognized for PVS Stroke & Turn Judge credit. MCSL, PGSL, NVSL, Herndon and CSL are among those recognized. We will need to order more items to give our clinic attendees. We need pens, magnets, lanyards and bells. Jim Van Erden has some whistles for referees. We will need to order 400 of the 2009 mini rulebooks. Rita will contact Dave DiNardo to coordinate the order.

FISH LC Derby Meet: The FISH officials chair has asked for the committee to help him find a meet referee for the upcoming Long Course Meet. None of the members present could work the meet. There was discussion regarding the length of meets and how or who enforces the 4 hour meet rule.

Updated S&T Briefing: Jack Neill worked on updating the briefing card for referees when they are briefing S&T judges prior to the meet beginning. The updated briefing mentions several items that are not in the current card which is used. One item in particular is the new downward butterfly kick now allowed at the beginning of the start and each turn of the Breastroke. All members present thought it was much better than we'd been using so it will go on the website to replace the old one. The new card will be mentioned in the next newsletter.

Boots volunteered to host the September meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 8:36 pm.

The Next meeting will be June 16 location TBD
[meeting subsequently set for 736 Rockville Pike, Rockville]
Following meeting in July to plan Swimposium, clinics and officials reception.
September meeting at Boots’ house – date & time TBD

Respectfully submitted,
Rita Page
Committee Member