PVS Officials

Minutes of PVS Officials Committee Meetings

Minutes of
PVS Officials Committee Meeting
February 17, 2010

Members present: Jack Neill, Boots Hall, Jim Thompson, Jim Garner, Steed Edwards, Mike Rubin, Elizabeth Jester, Jack Schaefer, Dave DiNardo and Rita Page.

The meeting convened at 7:15pm at Overlee at 6030 Lee Highway, Arlington VA. Thanks go out to Greg York for securing the space.

Minutes: Minutes of the January 20, 2010 meeting were approved.

Upcoming Meets Update: Speedo Championship Series Eastern Zone Southern Sectional: March 25 28, 2010 at Germantown. More officials are needed to run this meet. This meet has been approved for all N2 and N3 positions. RMSC is hosting and Jim Garner agreed to put out a plea for officials from the participating LSC's.

PVS Senior Championships: March 11 14, 2010 at George Mason University. Jim Thompson will be the Admin Referee and Art Davis, the Meet Referee for this meet. This meet has been approved for all N2 and N3 (S&T, final Chief Judge and initial Referee only). There are some errors in the meet announcement that need to be fixed.

PVS 14 & Under Junior Olympic Championship: March 18 21, 2010 at Fairland. At the time of our meeting there was no response to the application submitted to have this meet as an OQM. Subsequently the OQM application was approved. Pam Starke Reed will serve as Meet Referee and Tim Husson will serve as Administrative Referee training others for this position.

Clinic Update: Two clinics were snowed out in February. The Hy-tek clinic will be rescheduled for sometime in April. The Spring Hill S&T clinic has not been rescheduled at this point. The committee discussed possible locations for VA clinics and will try to schedule a S&T and a Starter clinic in the first week of April. Steed will look into scheduling clinics in Maryland for next season and the Virginia clinics will be held with similar frequency. Summer clinics for PrinceMont, MCSL, Herndon, CSL and NVSL will count toward PVS certification again this year. Boots will hold an instructors meeting in April hopefully at Overlee.

Officials Reception: will be held at River Falls on Sunday April 18. Red Hot and Blue will cater. We will use Evite to send out invitation to all officials, the PVS Board and their spouses.

Committee Structure: The report was postponed until the next meeting.

National Certifications/Evaluators: Denice Wepaznick is an N3 Starter Evaluator. Jack Neill has his N3 Chief Judge and can now Evaluate Chief Judge and S&T. There was some concerned expressed for our LSC evaluations for Starters. Some are getting passed before they are completely ready.

Equipment: PVS is working on replacing some of our old equipment. Tim has taken charge of the laptops used at PVS meets and has cleaned them up, repaired them and installed any necessary programs and updates. Tim has also purchased new radios and head sets. Boots and Jack have asked for $2,500 to help with travel for evaluators for Officials Qualifying Meets. Other LSCs have paid as much as $1,000 per meet. Dave DiNardo will put in a proposal for the additional funds. Currently we have too many OQMs back to back and it is getting difficult to staff them properly.

Staffing Meets: Individual clubs took over the hosting of meets several years ago in order to make some funds for their team. The Committee is concerned that due to the lack of proper staffing our meets may not be conducted and fairly and safely as we would like. Dave DiNardo will work on talking points for presentation to PVS Board regarding the number of meets currently being held. Mike Rubin suggested that we need to start with the Officials Chairs to see what we can do to help them ensure adequate staffing.

The possibility of sanctions was discussed for teams that do not adequately staff meets.

Clinic Instructors: Boots will hold a clinic for clinic instructors and invite new people to build our instructor numbers. She wants 2 instructors for every clinic from this point forward. The meeting will be held on Wednesday April 14, 2010 at 7:00 pm at the Overlee club house.

The meeting adjourned at 9:42pm.

The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, April 21, 2010 at 7:00 pm River Falls. The meeting was subsequently changed to Tuesday April 20, 2010 at Overlee.

Respectfully submitted by,
Rita Page
Committee Member