PVS Officials

Minutes of PVS Officials Committee Meetings

Minutes of
PVS Officials Committee Meeting
January 19, 2011

Members present: Jack Neill, Boots Hall, Jim Garner, Steed Edwards, Mike Rubin, Dave DiNardo, Dick Griffith, Tim Husson, Pam Starke-Reed, Donna Considine, Jim Thompson, Jim Van Erden and Rita Page.

The meeting convened at 7:00pm at Thomas Jefferson Library.

Minutes: Minutes of the October 20, 2010 meeting were approved.

Background Checks: The PVS Board will reimburse officials for the required background check if they meet minimum participation requirements. The Officials Committee will send a list to the PVS Comptroller of those eligible as well as newly certified officials who reach the required number of sessions. Early reports indicate that most background checks are running very smoothly. There are officials who have issues with the process, and we will likely lose some of these officials.

Upcoming Meets: Senior Champs – Tim Husson will serve as Meet Referee and Jim Thompson will be the Admin Referee. Pat Lunsford will serve as chief evaluator. Evaluations will be available for all N2 and N3 positions, with the exception of Admin Referee.

Junior Champs will run simultaneously with Senior Champs. Art Davis will be the Meet Referee.

JOs will be held the following week at Fairland. Pam Starke-Reed will be the Meet Referee and Tim Husson will be the Admin Referee. This meet will be an Officials Qualifying Meet for N3 (Stoke & Turn only) and N2 (all positions). Tim will post applications for all meets on the PVS website.

News from the Competition Committee: The Competition Committee has endorsed changes to the PVS scratch policy, getting it in line with USA Swimming Championship procedures. Among other items, they also agreed to change the order of finals at all PVS championships meets to C, B, A (fastest heat swum last), and to eliminate the 50s of the strokes (other than Freestyle) for the 13 & older age group at PVS Open meets.

Chief Judge Certification: As of this date, no one had completed the entire process. Some evaluations and a few test results have been turned into Rita. It was agreed that the Chief Judge evaluation should be done by someone not holding any other deck position in order to give full attention to how the Chief Judge covers all duties. The person being evaluated should give the S&T briefing and special attention should be paid to how they handle questioning the S&T judges when picking up a disqualification. Boots suggested that we use radios at LC meets so our Chief Judges can be evaluated on radio protocol.

Clinics: Clinic attendance report should be sent to all Club Chairs.

Referee’s Report: The committee reviewed a new form for deck referees to complete at the end of each session in order to collect data to ensure adequate staffing of meets and to identify unusual circumstances.

Club Officials Chair Liaison Reports: Tim mentioned the Club Officials Chair Liaison program at the recent Competition Committee meeting he attended, and received a very positive response from coaches. Several Club Officials chairs were noted for their outstanding efforts during this season.

Other: USA Swimming is now offering an Open Water certification test.

The committee recognized all officials from PVS who worked the Senior National and Junior National, Paralympic and Dolan meets. While at the meet in Atlanta he Jack overheard many coaches talking about the Dolan meet with nothing but positive things to say.

Boots' term is ending as the Board Officials Representative and asked the committee to be thinking about who to recommend as her replacement. She also mentioned that the General Chair position needs to be filled this year.

Steed brought referee whistles to be awarded to a new referee at the successful conclusion of their evaluation.

The meeting adjourned at 9:00pm

The next meeting is scheduled for February 16, 2011 at 7:00 pm at MAC.

Respectfully submitted by,
Rita Page
Committee Member