Operations Division
January 2000 Report

Officials Committee
  • Five new referees participating in January clinics. Two are transfers from other LSC=s. 5-6 others were invited to participated but declined for various reasons.
  • Four Stroke and Turn, 2 Starter and 1 Referee clinics are being conducted week of January 9-15, 2000. Complete report on attendance will be available at the Board meeting. (12 Referees and 23 Stroke and Turn attended first clinic on January 9. However only 2 attended January 11 clinic at MAC.)
  • Attendance at clinics continues to show concentration by different clubs at various clinics. Data suggests encouragement by club is prime determinant in participation level.
  • In anticipation of new starting protocols going into effect, all Referees and Starters will required to be trained on new procedures before be permitted to officiate using them.. Approximately, 54 have done so to date.
  • Whistle start and no recall procedures were used at January Distance Meet.
  • Will also be used at January Open. Key members of Officials Committee will be present at all three sites on Saturday to assist with implementation.
  • Staffing of JO's went well. Number of volunteers slightly down from last year. Host club provided limited support.

  • Equipment Manager
  • Colorado Timing and HyTek Training was held on January 8. Approx 6-7 attended CTS and about 14 attended
  • No significant problems with equipment has been reported. We continue to have sufficient equipment to support 2 sites comfortably.
  • Will continue to use DOS Version of Meet Manager until at all components of the Windows version are released and PVS has had an opportunity to evaluate it.
  • In addition, requirements of Windows software (primarily RAM and speed) will require approximately $5,000 worth of new (3) laptop computers
  • Investigating and likely to acquire new radios. Radio Shack has discontinued current model. Price comparable and new models are sturdier. Will be on new frequencies.
  • Continue to evaluate feasibility of providing pace clocks and recall ropes at various venues. Also surveying how many venues have pace clocks in place.

  • Meet Management
  • Only PVS sponsored meet since last report was the January Distance meet. As last year, number of entries for 1000Y was very high.
  • January Open entries will be monitored to determine if any team reassignments are needed.

  • Safety Committee
  • Very limited requests for safety training have been received.
  • Safety continuing to consider conducting training on set schedule twice a year. Dates will be likely be set in conjunction with PVS Admin office taking into account current patterns in certification expiration dates.
  • Two injuries were reported since last written report. Both at November Pentanthlon. 1 was foot caught in trap, other was abrasion.