Operations Division
April 2000 Report

    Officials Committee
  • Three individuals were selected and will attend the USA Swimming Officials Clinic at the Lake Placid Olympic Training Ctr, May 26-28. They are Boots Hall, Chuck Bowers and Bob Richardson.
  • Marty Cohen will participate in the presentation to the parents at the 8 and Under mini clinic being held on May 21. We welcome this opportunity to make parents of younger swimmers aware of the continuing need for new PVS officials and to encourage them to become involved.
  • Officials Committee will be meeting in May. An important agenda item will be how to work more effectively with the designated summer league Stroke and Turn clinics (for which PVS credit is given) to encourage parents of PVS swimmers to also become certified with PVS.

  • Equipment Manager
  • New radios (14) were acquired and used for the first time at Eastern Zone meet. Prior design has now been discontinued and is on frequencies different than new radios. Clarity and range appear to have improved.
  • Steps are being taken to assure the rental fees for PVS equipment are being collected.

  • Meet Management
  • Jack Mechler has moved to Texas and taken a new position there. No formal resignation has been received. Once position is officially vacant, steps will be taken to fill vacancy.

  • Safety Committee
  • PVS Board at its February meeting gave a conditional sanction to Open Water Meet in May, subject to a favorable review of the safety plan by the PVS Safety Officer. No substantive contact occurred until early April. At that time it was concluded likely air and water temperature would preclude a conducting a safe. There was also limited time to complete necessary plans for the meet. Club proposing to sponsor meet was encouraged to consider making plans to conduct the meet in early September.
  • FCPA is conducting Coaches Safety Training at Wakefield Park, June 4 1-9 PM.
  • No new accident reports have been received since the January Board meeting.