Operations Division
June 2000 Report

    Officials Committee
  • Officials Committee has concerns about safety of "Over the Top" starts and does not believe it will permit meet to move faster.
  • Officials Committee hoping to recruit new officials from amongst those who attended designated summer league clinics for Stroke and Turn training. Names of those attending will be provided to USA-S club Officials Chairman.

  • Equipment Manager
  • RMSC has elected to use Montgomery County owned equipment in lieu of storing PVS equipment at Rockville for club and PVS sponsored meets held there.
  • Plans being made to complete purchases planned for FY 2000.
  • No change in rental rates for 2000-01 envisioned.

  • Meet Management
  • Evaluating need to refill this position vacated by Jack Mechler moving to Texas. PVS Admin office would take lead in updating training material for Meet Directors. Operations Division chairman would oversee content.
  • No change in format of PVS November Open planned in absence of input from Competition subcommittee on how they would like the meet restructured.

  • Safety Committee
  • Safety Committee attempting to conduct training when it will be most beneficial to coaching community. Data to determine best time has been requested.
  • 9 individuals attended coaches safety training class conducted by FCPA on June 4.
  • Injury reported from Age Group I LC held at Fairland on June 18. Bulkheads separated causing swimmer to catch foot between the two. Injury not believed to be serious.