Operations Division
July 2000 Report

    Officials Committee
  • Frank Persico served as Meet Referee and Lynee Phelps as Admin Referee at PVS Senior Champs.
  • PVS Long Course season has been successfully completed.
  • Officials Committee making plans for fall training clinics. Additional training opportunities for Stroke and Turn will be added to schedule in effort to "rebuild the ranks." Hope to announce schedule in early August.

  • Equipment Manager
  • Software to upgrade to Windows version of Hy-Tek Meet Manager will be acquired and two laptops capable of running the software.
  • No more PVS training on DOS version of Meet Manager will be provided. Initial training in October will be transition training for those already familiar with DOS version. Training for individuals not previous familiar with Meet Manager planned for January 2001.
  • Remaining purchases planned for FY 2000 have been finalized. PVS will have resources to provide electronic timing at 2 10 lane venues with reserves.

  • Meet Management
  • PVS Administrative Office and Operations Division Chair updating and expanding Meet Directors manual prior to fall clinic.
  • Clubs will be given option of using DOS or Windows version of Meet Manager for forthcoming season.
  • Meet announcements for both PVS sponsored and club sponsored Oct and Nov meets expected to be released prior to July 31.

  • Safety Committee
  • One incident occurred at PVS Seniors. Swimmer completed race too aggressively and injured elbow. Father took swimmer for x-rays which were negative.
  • Safety survey of pools used for PVS competition planned for this fall.