Operations Division
October 2000 Report

    Officials Committee
  • Primary Referee, Starter and Stroke and Turn Clinics for Autumn, 2000 have now been conducted.
  • Boots Hall has updated training material. New material about to be posted to website.
  • Additional Stroke and Turn clinics being offered this fall - some in conjunction with meets in effort to recruit more new officials.
  • Annual gathering of club Officials Chairman held on October 17. Working to make sure all participating clubs have chairman and they understand/fulfill their role.

  • Equipment Manager
  • Training on Windows version of Meet Manager conducted for those who had prior experience with DOS.
  • Evaluating when to schedule training on Windows version of Meet Manager
  • Clubs being given option whether to use DOS or Windows version of Meet Manager this year. PVS owns two laptops powerful enough to support Windows version.
  • Training material being posted to the website.

  • Meet Management
  • Meet Directors clinic canceled for 2000-2001 due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • Sponsors of December, 2000 meets were invited in early September to finalize their meet announcements to permit posting and distribution. Reminders were sent to each club involved on October 18. As of 10AM on October 23, no substantive input has been received. Process was simplified for reoccurring meets by only requiring changes to be submitted.
  • PVS may wish to establish policies to assure entries can be rebalanced when PVS sponsors multi-site meets. Delays in receiving necessary information from some clubs and desire of other clubs to print heat sheets early precluded this from happening for October Open.
  • PVS may also wish to establish policy if club conducts sanctioned meet which is computerized that meet results are to submitted in electronic (not paper) form.
  • Fairland declined to confirm in writing, verbal agreement with PVS to provide pool for January Open. Administrative Office now arranging for alternative site.

  • Safety Committee
  • Dave Macedonia attended USA Swimming Safety Coordinators at Lake Placid September 22-24
  • Training material being reviewed by Operations to evaluate whether any changes in PVS policies or practices are needed.