Operations Division
November 2000 Report

    Officials Committee
  • Marty Cohen has resigned as Officials Chairman due to professional workload considerations.
  • Boots Hall has succeeded Marty as Officials Chairman. Frank Persico remains as Vice Chairman.
  • Chuck Bowers, Sumie Emory, Lynee Phelps and Bob Richardson have accepted invitations to become new members of the PVS Officials Committee.
  • One Referee, two Starter and four Stroke and Turn clinics planned for Autumn, 2000 have been conducted.
  • In response to suggestions, two of the Stroke and Turn Clinic were held on-site at the Herndon Harvest Moon meet. Trainees who desired to were able to go on deck following the clinic and work their first training session. This experiment seemed well received and two more "stroke and turn clinics at meets" are scheduled for the two sites of the November Open. [15 persons attended this training.] An additional Stroke and Turn/Starter Clinic is being offered on November 30.
  • Limited staffing at some club sponsored meets continues to be a problem. A situation has arisen where no certified Stroke and Turn strokes were available for a session. This does not meet the minimum standards of USA Swimming Rules and Regulations.
  • PVS Officials Committee will be meeting December 5 to staff the Joe Jacoby Chrysler Jeep Holiday Invitational hosted by CUBU December 14-17. Application for it to be a National Certification meet has been approved.
  • PVS Officials Committee will be evaluating whether to offer National Certification at the PVS Short Course Championships (March 1-4), given that two other National Certification or higher meets will be conducted within PVS during March.

  • Equipment Manager
  • Clubs are being advised that they may use either the DOS or Windows version of Meet Manager this year. They are being cautioned that if elect to use Windows, to be assure they will have operators at the meet site familiar with the Windows version.
  • All three clubs hosting sites of the November Open used the Windows version of Meet Manager.
  • Some problems with timing system at PGS&LC were experienced despite extensive pre-meet check out. Further investigation is needed to determine how much is due to "wear and tear" on the equipment, lack of familiarity with Dektronics, or other factors.
  • Three PVS radios were not returned from the PGS&LC site.

  • Meet Management
  • All December club sponsored meets were submitted and approved for posting by November 4. Several clubs sponsoring meets in December were slow to OK posting/distribution of their meet announcement.
  • Expected attendance at this year's November Open was approx 7200 vice 9017 in '99 and 10641 in '98.
  • No need to rebalance entries due to manageable sessions for all courses. However, one course had attendance of about 57% of another course.
  • One host of October Open has yet to respond to club inquiries about the accuracy of several times provided in the post meet disk and posted to the website.
  • Having two clubs conduct sessions in two courses at PGS&LC was successful.

  • Safety Committee
  • Dave Macedonia attended USA Swimming Safety Coordinators clinic at Lake Placid September 22-24
  • McDonald and Macedonia are working on recommendations for the implementation of the new safety/loss control guidelines
  • No accident reports have been received to date this competitive season (since September 1, 2000)
  • A dropped broken bottle with considerable scattering of glass at a PVS sponsored meet caused a significant safety hazzard until it could be cleaned up. Teams need to remind their athletes (particularly newly participating athletes) of the importance of not bringing glass to any pool venue, including the spectator area.