Operations Division
Motion on
Reimbursement of Lodging Expenses for
Meet and Administrative Referees at PVS Sanctioned Meets

There is a need for the Meet Referee and Administrative Referee to be at the meet site prior to time warm-ups commence and to remain after the last swim occurs. Therefore, it is appropriate, in cases where National Certification is provided for meet officials or the PVS Officials Committee assumes responsibility for staffing the meet, that the lodging expenses of the Meet and/or Administrative Referees be reimbursed when their home is not in close proximity to the meet site.

In the event that the Meet and/or Administrative Referee live more than 40 minutes round trip travel time from the meet venue under normal driving conditions, these officials shall be reimbursed reasonable expenses for overnight lodging. Reimbursement will normally not be made for the night before competition commences or the night after it concludes, unless unusual circumstances would preclude the official coming from their home the morning competition commences or returning to their home the evening it concludes. Additional reimbursement may be authorized if Meet Referee and Administrative Referee are not of the same sex or only one the two officials requires lodging.

In the event adverse weather or other extraordinary conditions are anticipated, which might have a significant impact on expected travel times, the PVS Operations Chairman may waive the above normal travel time requirement.

Actual expenses, up to a limit of $37.50* per day, to each individual will be reimbursed upon presentation of original receipts to the PVS administrative offices. This shall be the responsibility of PVS for PVS sponsored meets and of the club for club sponsored meets.

* Amended to $50.00 per day at Board meeting.