Operations Division
June 12, 2001 Report

    Officials Committee
  • Lynee Phelps and Ron Whalen attended the Swimming Officials Clinic in Salt Lake City on Memorial Day weekend. They have provided a detailed briefing to the PVS Officials Committee. PVS officiating program is highly regarded by USA Swimming and much use is made of PV initiated training material, including that which is posted to our website.
  • Boots Hall as PVS Officials Chairman will attend this quadrennium's USA Swimming sponsored meeting for LSC Officials Chairs in Chicago in late August.
  • Frank Persico will be Meet Referee and Bob Richardson Administrative Referee for PVS Senior Long Course Meet at UMD B July 12-15, 2001. It will be a National Certification Meet.
  • Planning for fall officiating clinics has started. Efforts will be made to provide more Stroke and Turn training activities in connection with meets.
  • Rule changes will be addressed by FINA in July - just prior to World Championships. Any changes expected to become effective prior to beginning of PVS 2001-02 competitive season. Most likely changes are permitting submerging in backstroke prior to turns and finish and relaxing rule on position of shoulders in butterfly.

  • Meet Management
  • Based on input from Meet Director, timing equipment at PGS&LC operated properly for Early Bird LC Meet on May 12-13. However, 50M splits could not be obtained. "New" power source was used.
  • Attendance at PVS Distance meet was very light this year. 7 PVS teams participated at all and total entries were 67. Meet entry fees of approximately $250 will be less than 1/3 of expected meet costs.
  • Timeline for Senior I and Age Grp I continue to be just somewhat longer than can be handled in one session - particularly if there is a firm requirement to be done in no more than 4 hours. Combined timeline for PVS Senior I was 5hrs 54 mins, Combined timeline for PVS Age Grp I is expected to be 5 hrs 40 mins.

  • Equipment Manager
  • Equipment Manager has been requested to prepare an equipment purchase plan to purchase three full sets of timing equipment plus appropriate spares. Acquisitions will be done using both FY '01 and FY '02 money.

  • Safety Commitee
  • No new "reports of occurrences" since the April Board meeting. Total occurrences for the competitive year remain at four as previously reported.
  • Operations Chairman will discuss with Safety Chairman appropriate initiatives to plan for 2001-02 competition year.