Operations Division
July 2001 Report
(submitted July 20, 2001)

    Officials Committee
  • The host club provided very limited assistance with the staffing of PVS Age Group Champs. Other clubs are to be commended for taking the lead in assuring this meet was properly staffed, which was particularly critical to assuring its timely completion--given the impact on the timeline of the meet entries which were processed on a delayed basis.

  • Meet Management
  • As reported last month, timeline for Senior I and Age Grp I continue to be just somewhat longer than can be handled in one session B particularly if there is a firm pool rental requirement to be done in no more than 42 hours. Combined timeline for PVS Senior I was 5hrs 54 mins, Combined timeline for PVS Age Grp I was expected to be 5 hrs 40 mins.

  • Timelines for Senior II and Age Grp II were similar. Combined timeline for Senior II was 5 hrs 52 mins and for Age Grp II 5 hrs 24 mins.

  • Size of meet (only one small session) limits financial opportunity and interest of clubs in bidding to host these meet for PVS. Competition was want to address alternate formats for 2002 LC season. Also, one host club declined to use PVS automatic timing equipment at a PVS sponsored meet. There is currently no requirement that they do so.

  • PVS LC Junior Champs July 20-22 were originally scheduled to be very long. Fri 6hrs 8min, Sat 5 hrs 32 mins, Sun 5 hrs 11 mins. As a result, Meet Director has made all events positive check-in events. Based on last year=s attendance, this should reduce session lengths by about 20%.

  • PVS Age Grp Champs and Senior Champs were both held at UMD same weekend, making coordination of session lengths/starting time important. Both host clubs reported promptly their entries from which it was determined no change in session warm-up/start times would be needed. However, on Tuesday afternoon immediately prior, Age Grp Champs reported they had received, but not processed 324 additional entries. This significantly impacted timeline and given lateness of receipt, resulted in start times and length of warm-ups for PVS Seniors being delayed rather than announcing an earlier start time for Age Grp Champs. Furthermore, the failure to include an additional 119 splashes was identified during Friday's warm-ups. This further impact on timeline and necessitated reseed of entire meet.

  • Now that PVS SC 2001-02 schedule has been released, preparation of meet announcements will commence. Input on anticipated participation in concurrent club sponsored meets will be sought to allow better balancing of likely entries.

  • Equipment Manager
  • House of Delegates in May 2001 approved a budget to support 3 full sets of timing equipment, including touchpads. Given availability of FY '01 funds and with concurrence of Treasurer, 12 touchpads, 2 harness sets (for 10 lanes), 2 starting systems and 30 buttons have been acquired. Additional items needed will be funded with FY '02 funds.

  • There was confusion regarding what equipment PVS vs UMD would provide (as well as the timing of that delivery) for the PVS Senior/Age Group Meet at UMD. UMD and PVS officials provided their equipment to assure the Thursday evening session could be conducted.

  • Safety Commitee
  • No new Reports of Occurrences have been received. FCPA is considering conducting a Safety Training for Swim Coaches class in September. Planned pool closings make it uncertain whether it will happen. Other parties interested in possibly conducting this class during that timeframe should contact the PVS Safety Chairman, John McDonald at tjamkmcd@erols.com