Operations Division
Supplemental Report
January 22, 2002 Report

  • Consistent with PVS policy, sessions were held at MLK on Saturday since pool facility was open despite inclement weather. Meet Director reports that participation in 11-12 and 9-10 sessions was lower than usual.
  • All persons who cooperated with shift of January Open at PGS&LC from Saturday to Monday should be thanked. This includes in particular two key individuals who had to shift their planned work schedule for Monday and will now have to work other weekends or holidays in order to have gotten time off.
  • Teams responded with known no shows by Noon Thursday. All teams (but 1) also cooperated by providing Meet Directors with new entrants by that time rather than entering them on the deck.
  • Timing system on both PGS&LC courses worked properly on both courses. However, times could not be gotten to scoreboard on one course due to interface problem. PGS&LC requested Daktronics assistance, but they did not respond while meet was in progress.
  • Vests for marshals were made available. However, limited use of them was made due to PGS&LC using their own staff to control access to deck. Except for limited use of warm-up pool, officials continued to be responsible for marshaling warm-ups.
  • Five referees and at least one starter were favorably evaluated for their final training center at the January Open. They will receive their certifications once they have also satisfied the other requirements (e. g., passing test). Many have already done so.