Operations Division
May 21, 2002 Report
PVS House of Delegates

Officials Committee
(submitted by Marie Beth "Boots" Hall, Officials Committee Chairman)
  • Some new iniatives have taken place this year.
  • First: We established a mentoring process with our referee trainees. This seemed to help as more of the new referees we invited to the September new referee clinic actually completed their training in less than one year.
  • Second: We established a Referee Final Observed Session checklist for the Senior Referee who is giving the final "check ride." We had had a starter checklist in place and thought it was time for a similiar form for referees. The Senior Referees agreed that it was a help, not only to them, but also to the new referee being observed. This was a test and will be fully used from now on.
  • We gave a great many stroke and turn clinics this year. We gave them at unusual times and places, such as at 6:30 am at a Saturday practice. This seemed to get more parents to attend. Many of them are there to bring their younger children to practice and at that hour there isn't much to do. We have not finished tracking how many completed their training. At the end of the summer, we'll decide if this is to be continued. We continued giving some of the clinics at the meets. This seemed successful and will be continued, although the Prince George's pool wanted an exorbitant rent for a room, so that one was not held.
  • Two officials will be representing PVS at the Officials clinic at Colorado Springs: Dave Macedonia and Sumee Emory.
  • Finally, this year the officials were stretched too thin again. March was especially burdensome. Having the Mini Champs and Sectionals both on the same weekend, with us hosting both, left few officials for Mini's. It should be rethought.
  • The March Sectional was well received. Joel Black, a member of the National Officials committee was brought in to be the meet referee. He was very impressed by Potomac Valley and its officials. In fact, he liked it well enough to volunteer to do the same job at the summer sectional. Having the good opinion of National Officials Committee members will help when the Long Course National Championships are held in Potomac Valley next summer.
  • We are encouraging clubs to submit outstanding officials for consideration for the Maxwell award. The Officials Committee will meet in early June to select the PVS nominee. Names should be suggested to Frank Persico, Vice-Chairman Officials Committee

Meet Equipment
(Don Smith, Chairman)
  • No report received.

Meet Management
(submitted by John Hirschmann, Meet Management Chairman)
  • Responsibility for obtaining pools for PVS sponsored meets remains with the PVS Administrative Office. Clubs are responsible for renting pools for club sponsored meets.
  • Many pool venues were changed on short notice during this year. The PVS office has advised that it has taken steps to preclude its reoccurrence.
  • PVS October and November Open Meets were reduced from three site to two site meets as more PVS clubs sponsored their own meets to meet the same needs. Additional events (longer events for 12/U and shorter events for 13/O) were included for these two meets.
  • PVS wants to coordinate the size (number of club meet hosts) and rental agreements (requirements for water) with club sponsored meets being offered in the same time frame. Attendance at PVS Open Meets is heavily influenced by the similar events being offered at club sponsored meets in the same time frame. This is made more challenging when club plans are not well known at the time PVS must make its commitments.
  • Swimmers will permitted to swim five events/day at November Open (vs normal practice of three events/day.) Relatively few swimmers took advantage of this "opportunity."
  • Attempts to include non-PVS clubs at PVS Open meets was not successful, perhaps due to late release of MA=s and/or requirement that PVS club entries be accepted first.
  • Senior I/II and Age Group I/II continue to be a challenge as size is a little too big for one site, but when split meets become relatively small and it becomes more difficult to attract clubs to host meet on behalf of PVS.

Safety Commitee
(submitted by John McDonald, Safety Committee Chairman)
  • In accordance with Article 8.7.2.A of our by-laws, I offer the following safety report:
    1. In 2001, PVS had 4 injuries reported, that was 3 less than 2000. This represented less than 1% of the total injuries (851) reported to US SWIMMING for 2001.
    2. In the first quarter of 2002, PVS has had 3 reported injuries, that is up 1 from last year. Again this represents less than 1% of the total injuries (224) reported to US SWIMMING for the first quarter of 2002.
    3. Copies of the detailed report summaries are available in the PVS office.
  • The PVS web sight continues to offer the following safety related information:
  • Duties of Club Safety Coordinators
  • USA Swimming Coaches Safety Curriculum 2000-2001 Requirements and Equivalents
  • USA Swimming Safety News Letters
  • Report of Occurrence Accident Form (in .pdf format)
  • This is being done at my request in an effort to better disseminate safety information to our member clubs.
  • The Safety group is currently evaluating the following issues:
    1. The need for scheduled STSC classes.
    2. Guidelines for the use of Hypoxic training
    3. The Marshall situation