Operations Division
June 18, 2002 Report

Officials Committee
  • An Officials Committee meeting was held in late May

  • Ron Whalen was selected by the Committee (based on nominations received) to be PVS=s nominee to receive the Maxwell award.

  • Joel Black of North Carolina, Vice-Chairman of the USA Swimming Officials Committee, will serve as Meet Referee for Eastern Zone Speedo Championship Series Meet to be held at GMU in July.

  • Jim Carey and Jim Garner will serve as Referee and Administrative Referee for the PVS Long Course Championships to be held at UMD, July 11-14. National certification for officials will be available at this meet. Officials wishing to work this meet encouraged to make their interest known to Frank Persico, Vice-Chair of the Officials Committee.

  • Clinics for the 2002-03 competition season will be planned and announced shortly. Having clinics concurrent with meets was quite successful last year.

Meet Equipment
  • The issue of being able to time 50m races with two buttons at Lee District Pool continues to be addressed.

Meet Management
  • Entries for PVS Long Course Distance rose substantially from last year. One team whose entries were received late was not accepted due to uncertainty as to whether sufficient water time was available.

  • Team assignments for PVS Long Course Senior I and II as well as Age Group I and II were made based on last year=s participation. While overall participation did not change materially from last year, there were significant changes in the number of swims from individual clubs. This necessitated moving two clubs for Age Group I from Lee District to Rockville. It also necessitated moving three clubs for Senior II from Rockville to Lee District.

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  • Lack of timely receipt of information/entries has impacted ability to address some of these issues in a timely manner.

Safety Commitee
  • USA Swimming has announced a Safety Awareness Contest. We will be posting information about this contest on our website very shortly. Entries are due by August 1.

  • The USA Swimming Safety Committee has initiated a pool depth survey for all pools being used for sanctioned competition within PVS. We plan to ask the aquatic directors at each pool to complete the form. John McDonald as PVS Safety Chair will coordinate our responses and submit them to USA Swimming. Responses are due by August 15.

  • Prior Safety Committee reports have invited head coaches make known their need for Safety Training for Swim Coaches (STSC). Very limited interest has bee received. The Safety Committee is willing to explore the feasibility of scheduling and underwriting a class for September, 2002. A flyer will prepared shortly to determine if there is sufficient demand to warrant scheduling the class.

  • USA Swimming anticipates scheduling a Risk Management Workshop for this Fall. Cost to PVS to send a participant will be airfare.

  • Brightly colored vests to identify marshals previously purchased have received very limited use. USA Swimming is about to send 5 similar vests to each LSC to use. PVS still needs to address fact the officials should not be performing collateral duty as marshal.

  • No Reports of Occurrence have been received since the May House of Delegates meeting.