Operations Division
August 28, 2002 Report

Officials Committee
  • Planning for Autumn 2002 clinics is well underway. Location and times of clinics should be announced shortly.

  • Potential new Referees have been identified and individuals selected are being invited to attend the clinic for first time Referees. This clinic will be held on September 22.

Meet Equipment
  • No new information to report.

Meet Management
  • All sources for pools (FCPA, GMU, PGS&LC and MLK) being used for PVS sponsored meets during 2002-3 SC season have been contacted and dates of rental confirmed. All contracts should be finalized during first week of September. All club sponsored meets are now independently contracting for their water.

  • Meet announcements for Harvest Moon and Fall Gator Mini Meet have been finalized and are ready for posting. PVS October and November Open Meet Announcements should be released this weekend.

  • Board guidance on specifics of awards to be made at PVS Open meets this SC season is needed in light of motion passed at 2002 House of Delegates meeting.

  • The Open Water 1 mile race being considered for September 21/22 will not be held due to unforeseen challenges in obtaining water access. DC harbor police are prepared to give full support to such a meet.

  • Alternative dates are being investigated in order to allow the water access issue to be more fully explored.

  • Follow-up is needed with GMU regarding how pool can be configured for preliminary sessions to allow two courses to be used as well as warm-up/warm-down while only using the main competition pool.

Safety Commitee
  • As verbally reported at July 29 Board meeting, a swimmer injured their ankle entering the pool outer lobby prior to a session of the Region II Sectional Meet held at GMU.

  • USA Swimming had made some modifications in how coaches may satisfy the STSC requirement. This information will be posted to the PVS website shortly.

  • PVS's Safety Chairman has received no requests from any PVS coaches for STSC training this summer.