Operations Division
November 20, 2002 Report

Officials Committee
  • Clinics have continued. Two additional stroke and turn clinics were held. The Madeira Clinic in late October had 14 stroke and turn attendees (8 new, 6 recertifying). The South Run Clinic also had 14 attendees (11 new and 3 recertifying). So the total clinics held this fall were 1 referee, 2 starter, 6 stroke and turn, 1 Hytek and 1 Timing system. A make-up referee clinic is planned.
  • The December Joe Jacoby Invitational at GMU has been approved to be a National Certification meet. Frank Persico as Vice Chairman of the Officials Committee has started to solicit volunteers to officiate this meet.
Meet Equipment
  • No report.
Meet Management
  • Pool contracts for all PVS sponsored SC 2002-3 meets have been finalized to the extent some pools do so.
  • Pool contracts for PVS sponsored 2003 LC meets have largely been finalized. Still awaiting formal confirmation from FCPA for their pools. PVS 14/U Age Group Champs can be at GMU July 17-20 in prelim/finals format with day of swimming on Sat July 19 timed final events only.
  • Arrangements PVS LC Championships on July 10-13 still uncertain. Determination of whether to conduct a joint championship with another LSC still pending.
  • Initial pool rental plans for 2003-4 SC PVS sponsored meets will be commenced shortly based on the approved schedule.
  • Several matters regarding level of service provided by PGS&LC still need addressing. FCPA was very responsive to our concerns that were raised following the October Open
  • PVS clubs have generally been supportive in providing information necessary to balance entries when a multi-site PVS sponsored meet is being conducted. However, due to delay in receiving information at November Open, meet entries could not be completely balanced. More formal PVS policy regarding what information is to be provided and by when as well when PVS will advise of host clubs of whether teams will be moved is probably desirable.
  • Attendance at PVS November Open increased substantially from last year. Total splashes were 8200 versus 6768 last year.
  • CUBU is proposing to conduct the 14/U Qualifier Meet scheduled for February 8-9 on a "by invitation" basis.
  • Guidance regarding the proper handling of post meet sanction requests and what type of "meets" require sanctioning by PVS will be sought.
  • The District of Columbia Parks and Recreation Dept has commenced construction of the $11 million Takoma Aquatic Center, located at Third and Van Buren NW. It will be DC's largest indoor recreational facility and be 50m (plus two bulkheads) by 25 yard pool. Water depth is reported to be 3 ' .to 8' Completion is planned for early 2004.
Safety Commitee
  • No new Reports of Occurrence have been received.