Operations Division
Janaury 22, 2003 Report

Officials Committee
  • Officials Committee met on December 1, 2002 and January 16, 2003. Minutes of those meetings have been posted to the PVS Website. - see http://www.pvswim.org/ofc21201.htm and http://www.pvswim.org/ofc30116.htm
  • Four new Officials Committee members have been appointed and they have accepted: They are: Art Davis, Rita Page, Sue Schwartz and Jared Wisor.
  • Ron Whalen and Jim Garner will server as Meet Referee and Admin Referee of PVS SCY Championship meet. This is a National Certification Meet.
  • The Committee discussed several initiatives it could undertake to give greater recognition and thanks to PVS officials for their many hours of volunteer service to the association. The PVS Board will be asked to endorse this initiative so that Committee can proceed with more detailed planning and budget requirements.
  • USA Swimming Officials Committee has issued proposed procedures for discipline and/or decertification of officials. The Officials Committee is reviewing its existing policies to see if changes should be recommended to the Board for adoption. (PVS is one of the few LSC's to have such a procedure in place.)
  • The PVS Officials Committee is exploring the feasibility of having a one day Swimposium. VA and MD LSC's have done it successfully.
Meet Equipment
  • Inventory of PVS equipment is being taken in conjunction with PVS Treasurer.
  • Nothing additional reported.
Meet Management
  • Three non-PVS clubs attended the January Open. All reported they were pleased with meet and how we run our meets. They made inquiries about the possibility of future invitations. They brought 73 swimmers and 350 splashes.
  • Attendance at January Open increased from 8944 in '02 to 9555 in '03.
  • Pools are rented for PVS sponsored meets for LC 2003.
  • Pools have been identified for PVS sponsored meets for the SC 03-'04 season. Competition and Coaches Reps will be consulted regarding the alternatives available.
Safety Commitee
  • One injury reported, scraped foot..
  • Water depth at pools used for PVS sponsored meets is being verified to make sure it is compliance with new rule on minimum water depth requirements.