Operations Division
March 3, 2003 Report

Officials Committee
  • The Senior Championship meet at PGS&LC has been approved to be a National Certification meet. The is the second meet so designated during the short course season. Ron Whalen served as the Meet Referee and Jim Garner as the Administrative Referee.
  • The officials committee met at MLK on February 24. The four new members of the committee were all present: Jerry Wisor, Rita Page, Art Davis and Sue Schwartz. The committee invited Bill Stephens to make a presentation on the items proposed to reward officials for their participation. The committee agreed on the bells for starters, whistles for referees, name tags for everyone at original certification. Shirts were also discussed as a way of rewarding those who recertify.
  • The committee will look into a way to honor long-time, recently deceased, official Myron Lynch at the request of his family.
Meet Equipment
  • No report received..
Meet Management
  • Pool rentals for PVS SC 2003-04 season are about to be finalized.
  • Attendance at PVS SCY Championships was down approximately 500 splashes from last year. Most of the decrease was due to less participation from non-PVS clubs.
  • PGS&LC worked very closely with us to assure PVS SCY Champs could be held despite forecast of major snowfall.
  • Board guidance on awarding of PVS LC Age Group Championship Meet will be sought.
  • Meet awards for all other PVS 2003 LC meets have been completed.
  • New format for PVS Juniors and PVS LC Age Group Champs needs to be addressed in conjunction with competition.
Safety Commitee
  • No new "Reports of Occurrences" have been received.
  • PVS has received vests for use by safety marshals.