Operations Division
April 23, 2003 Report

Officials Committee
  • The Senior Championship meet at PGSLC was conducted as a National Certification meet. The was the second meet so designated during the short course season.
  • The Junior Champsionships were held at GMU. Unfortunately there was no meet referee and there were problems at the meet. The flags were set at the wrong distance from the wall at one end of the pool for backstroke. This was not discovered until some sessions had been swum. It is earnestly recommended that this size meet be only awarded to a club that has an adequate number of officials so that it is properly staffed.
Meet Equipment
  • A meeting was held to review the inventory of PVS equipment and discuss future equipment needs of the LSC. The resulting recommendations are reflected in the budget being presented by the Treasurer.
Meet Management
  • Pool rental arrrangements for PVS sponsored meets during the SC 2003-04 season have been confirmed with the various parties involved.
  • PVS November Open was rescheduled from November 7-9 to November 14-16 to avoid a conflict with Redskins at PGS&LC.
  • PVS Board will be requested to allow RMSC Invitational meet to remain on weekend of Nov14-16 since sanction had already been granted and RMSC advises pool water is not available on weekend close to this date.
  • Meet announcements for May meets were posted in late March/very early April.
  • Meet announcements for June meets are expected to released prior to start of Board meeting.
  • Meet announcements for July PVS Championship meets are in preparation. PVS Age Group Championship MA involves major revisions due to going to a prelim/finals format and adding events for 13-14 year olds.
  • One club has bid to host PVS LC Age Group Championship in July. PVS Board needs to approve this award.
  • Another PVS club has offered to takeover as host of PVS Junior LC Championship. PVS Board needs to address whether to transfer this award
Safety Commitee
  • Two Reports of Occurrence have happened. One involved a cut finger caused by the athlete dropping a glass bottle they should not have brought onto the pool deck. The pool involved promptly took steps to prevent access to the area where the bottle had fallen and glass fragments might have remained.
  • The second involved a swimmer who during a race became incapacitated and was helped from the pool. The swimmer was taken to the pool office and the person in charge called the EMTs. They treated her for about an hour, during which time a parent(who had been called by the coach) arrived.
  • PVS has received vests for use by safety marshals. They have been provided to to Don Smith, PVS Equipment Manager and are available to clubs wishing to use them at PVS sanctioned meets.