Operations Division
June 17, 2003 Report

Officials Committee
  • Recognition of Officials: 500 blank magnetic name badges have been purchased and are in the process of being engraved. A few were given out already, others will be given out at Age Group, Junior and Senior Champs, at clinics and the remainder will be mailed. 25 bells have been purchased and will be given out to new starters when they have completed their deck requirements and observation. Several possible logos for the shirts have been considered and one chosen.
  • PVS Senior Champs: Ron Whalen agreed to take on the duties of Meet Referee for this meet. The PVS Senior Champs format will be the same as always while running the Junior Champs during the in between session. The PVS Senior championship has been designated a "National Certification Meet."
  • Tests: Sue Schwartz agreed to take over the task of grading test for Maryland from Jim Carey who has been handling things since Lynee Phelps left. The 2003 tests are not ready yet and the 2002 tests will expire in August 2003.
  • Certification: Rita Page agreed to take on the duties of Certification Officer from Boots.
  • New Referees: The list of eligible candidates was considered by the Officials Committee at its May 20 meeting. Several names were identified as being qualified for advancement. Boots will contact them to see if they are interested.
  • December 2003 Meets: Jim Garner raised the issue of two "Championship meets (prelim/finals) meets being held in December the Tom Dolan Invitational hosted by Curl-Burke and another age group Senior meet being hosted by Potomac Marlins on back-to-back weekends. The Committee was asked to consider whether or not we want to staff those meets: either one, both or none at all. We will vote at our next meeting. We recognize that staffing two meets so close together will be difficult. Neither one will be a National Certification Meet
Meet Equipment
  • No information received. The Treasurer advises that equipment purchases authorized by the Board at its April meeting are proceeding.
Meet Management
  • The PVS LC Distance meet was very heavily subscribed requiring that about 35 1500M swims be moved from Saturday to Sunday to assure all swims could be completed within available pool rental time. Slower heats were swum two to a lane to assure all entered swimmers could compete.
  • PVS Senior I, Age Group I and Senior II all have had more entries than in the past. Teams have been reassigned to achieve reasonable balance and assure session could be completed within available pool rental time. .Entries for Age Group II are due June 17. Several entires continue to be received late, delaying decisions on rebalancing entries, etc.
  • Meet announcements for PVS Senior, Junior and Age Group Champs were finalized and issued. Given many changes in meet format for this year, entries will be monitored closely to see if any adjustments are needed.
  • PVS Board will be requested to approve dates for 2004 PVS Senior/Junior LC Championship (July 15-18) and 2004 PVS 14/U Age Group LC Championship (July 22-25) so that pool rentals in preferred pools can be assured.
  • Combining Senior and Age Group LC Sunday meets. There is considerable interest in swimming both Senior I and Age Group I LC on one Sunday (two sessions) and Senior II and Age Group II LC (again two sessions) on another Sunday. Inquiries need to be made to determine whether LC pools can be rented late enough on a Sunday to make this possible.
  • PVS Board will be requested to sanction six club sponsored meets during 2003-04 SC season based on bids received that were reviewed by Competition at their May 19 meeting.
  • PVS sponsored meets 2003-04 SC season. Despite three requests (via flash mail) and Board increasing fees paid to clubs for hosting such meets, bids have only been received to host 6 of the 13 "meets" that PVS is sponsoring during the 2003-04 SC season. Two other expressions of possible interest have been received to host meet, but they have not been finalized. PVS Board will be asked to approved requests received.
Safety Commitee
  • No new information to report.