Operations Division
July 22, 2003 Report

Officials Committee
  • Ron Whalen served as Meet Referee at the recently completed PVS Senior LC Championship meet.
  • Planning for the fall 2003 officials training clinics will commence shortly.
Meet Equipment
  • Ron Whalen, as incoming Operations Chairman, has begun discussions with Don Smith regarding what should be included in a new contract for the PVS Equipment Manager.
  • A report has been requested regarding making sure the newly acquired equipment will be compatible with existing equipment used by PVS.
  • Don has been requested to acquire the new radios included in the FY03 budget in time for their use at the forthcoming Nationals at College Park.
Meet Management
  • Senior LC I/II and Age Group LC I/II were well attended this year requiring team reassignments for the first three meets to assure everybody could swim within in the available pool rental times. Scratch rates were high, so meets were easily completed within available time.
  • From an Operations point of view, the new formats for PVS Senior, Junior and Age Group LC meets went very well. Timelines for Senior and Junior's were very reasonable and longer sessions could have been handled. Competition should address if (how) they might to modify these meets for '04.
  • LC Age Group entries were about as hoped for, given the new format of the meet. 10/U sessions were short as anticipated.
  • Completion of pool rental arrangements for PVS sponsored meets for the LC'04 season is largely completed. Pools have been identified for PVS Championship meets on July 15-18 and July 22-25. Sunday LC meets will be on two Sunday's - June 13 and June 27 (most of day) rather than on four Sundays as has been done in the recent past. Pools that can be made available all day have been identified. Alternatives for PVS LC Distance meet (so sessions can go past noon if need be) are being investigated.
  • Board will be requested to approve meet awards for PVS November Open (at Mt Vernon), PVS January Open (at PGS&LC), PVS February Distance Meet (Fairland) and PVS 14/U JO SC Champs meet (PGS&LC). Bids were expected for (but have not been received) for two sites of PVS November Open (both at PGS&LC). These remain to be awarded and presumably without a meet hosts, cannot be held.
Safety Commitee
  • The Safety Chairman reports that no new "Reports of Occurrence" were received.