Operations Division
September 24, 2003 Report

Officials Committee
  • Recognition of Officials: Most of the engraved name tags have been distributed. The rest will be given out at clinics and any remaining will be mailed. Name tags will be engraved for any officials who were missed or who have certified since the March 03 list was published. Bells for new starters are ready for distribution. Jerry Wisor has the bells for MD officials; Boots Hall for VA officials. Shirts have arrived and will be distributed at recertification clinics.

  • National Certification Meets: This year the national certification meets will be the Senior Championship and the Sectional Meet in March, and the summer senior championship. Art Davis will inform CUBU that the December "Tom Dolan" meet will not qualify this year.

  • Clinics: At present four stroke and turn clinics have been scheduled for Virginia and one has been scheduled for MD. At least one more will be scheduled in MD in November and later in the year if the demand is there. Two starters clinics are scheduled; one each in MD and VA. The referee clinic and hytek and colorado clinics are scheduled for MD. The list is posted on the PVS web site.

  • Tests: Sue Schwartz agreed to take over the task of grading test for Maryland from Jim Carey who has been handling things since Lynee left. The 2003 tests and handouts are ready for distribution at the fall clinics. Officials who feel comfortable on the computer will be advised that they can take the recertification tests on-line.

  • Certification: Rita Page agreed to take on the duties of Certification Officer from Boots.

  • New Referees: Boots contacted the list of eligible candidates and 11 starters expressed interest. The new referee clinic will be held on Sept 21 at Boots' house. All but one of the interested starters expects to be able to attend.

Meet Equipment
  • Mr. Whalen is still working on a new contract for the PVS Equipment Manager, have received input from Don Smith, Jim Gardner and John Hirschman. A decision has been to have all major purchases handled by the PVS Administrative Manager rather then the Equipment Manager

  • Don Smith has suggested that the newly acquired computers be used as a secondary computer in a network environment to avoid the problem with no parallel or serial ports. This raises the issue for the board, if additional portable computers are required that have both parallel and serial ports.

  • 18 new radios where acquired and used at the Nationals at College Park. Additional a mobile and hand marine radio where acquired, and used at the Nationals Open Water meet.

Meet Management
  • The Board is notified that we have not obtain a second team host for the PGS&L November open meet, at this time.

  • The Board is requested to consider a modification of the PVS policy and Procedures to require that at all major meets that a printer be connected to the Colorado Timing equipment to record the results from the Colorado Timing system. That this print-out along with the watch times be used by the Timing Judge to verify the swimmers times and that the print-out be retained for a minimum of 90 days after the meet conclusion.

  • This modification is requested, to address a recent problem that PVS could not provide a swimmer the verification material required by Master's Swimming for a Women's 50 meter record that was set at our LC Senior Championship meet. And to address the trend to not use the Colorado print-out and a Timing Judge, but rather have the TyTek operator judge the times from the Hy-Tek screen.

  • I want to bring to the Board's attention that with Club run meets occurring close to the same time as the October opens, that for two of the October open pools we will potentionally swim less then 2000 swims, while the Club run meet will potentionally have over 3000 swims. This is resulting in extremely infective use of the pool time we have rented. If this trend continues then the Board should consider wither only 2 pools need be scheduled for the opens, and if so wither only 1 site be used.

Safety Commitee
  • The Safety Chairman reports that no new "Reports of Occurrence" were received.
  • Guidance from the Board is requested as to wither any special action is required because of the approval at convention of the requirement that in water starts are required in depths less then 4 feet effective May 2004.