Operations Division
October 1999 Report

    Operations Division
  • Annual gathering of Club Officials Chr, Meet Directors, Club Equipment Support and Safety Chr planned for October 21 at River Falls.

  • Officials Committee
  • Marty Cohen has been appointed Officials Chairman. Frank Persico is serving as Vice-Chairman. As new initiative, committee members have been asked to maintain liaison with all the member clubs.
  • Boots Hall will be responsible for coordinating all training. Training material has been updated for 1999.
  • Lynn Black has resigned from the Committee.
  • Several clubs are changing their Club Officials Chairman this fall.
  • In anticipation of new starting protocols going into effect, all Referees and Starters will required to be trained on new procedures before be permitted to officiate using them..
  • Very limited attendance for first Stroke and Turn clinic. Hope to do substantially better for second and third clinics
  • Two individuals started training to become new Referees. Figure lower than historical norm.

  • Equipment Manager
  • Colorado Timing and HyTek Training was held. Approx 8-10 attendees at each class. Additional classes will probably be offered this year.
  • All equipment reported to be in working order. Next visit by CTS for routine maintenance planned for Spring, 2000. Two CTS timing systems will be returned for minor maintenance between Oct and Nov Open meets.
  • New "Infinity" starting systems have been returned in order to get more retain the more reliable System II starting systems as long as possible.
  • Will continue to use DOS Version of Meet Manager until at all components of the Windows version are released and PVS has had an opportunity to evaluate it.
  • Evaluating feasibility of providing pace clocks and recall ropes at various venues.

  • Meet Management
  • Meet Directors Workshop held on September 25. Only five people attended even though invitations were extended to all of last year's Meet Directors and any known new meet directors for 1999-2000 season.
  • Significant update of Meet Directors Handbook undertaken for the first time in several years. Additional revisions still required. New emphasis on having post meet financial reports better meet the needs of the PVS Administrative Office.

  • Safety Committee
  • Became part of Operations Division on September 1. John McDonald serving as chairman.
  • Dave Macedonia invited to join Committee replacing Lynn Black.
  • Determining if feasible to make dates and locations of classes required by coaches to maintain to certifications available on the web. LSC Safety Chairman is now providing this information upon request.
  • Pool survey to be updated.
  • Wishes to investigate with PVS Administrative Office feasibility of providing status of coaches registrations and expiration of certifications to allow better notice to clubs, better planning of clinics to satisfy the need,
  • Maintaining liaison with USA Swimming (Cathy Durance) regarding several items of mutual interest.