Operations Division
November 1999 Report
  • Operations Division
  • The annual gathering at River Falls was held. Many good presentations were made. Unfortunately, only 8 clubs had representatives in attendance.
  • Officials Committee members are attempting to contact those who were not there to provide them with key information.
  • Officials Committee
  • The fall clinic schedule was completed and we are in the process of finalizing the winter schedule. Total clinic attendance has been 120 vs 133 last year.
  • In order to make the clinics more accessible during January we will hold 4 S&T clinics (2MD/2VA), 2 starter clinics (1VA /1 MD), 1 new ref clinic, and 1 recert ref clinic - this is 2 more S&T and 1 more Starter clinic than usual
  • The last S&T and Starter clinics at GMU were well attended and you could see the results of a club's effort to begin recruiting new officials The importance of clubs in the process of encouraging their parents to volunteer to officiate remains paramount.
  • Staffing of JO's will occur on Dec 7th and the CUBU Officials Chr (Barry Hess) will be asked to participate. Barry will be asked to maintain the roster and make the contacts to officials.
  • Staffing of JO's will occur on Dec 7th and the CUBU Offiicals Chr (Barry Hess) will be asked to participate. Barry will be asked to maintain the roster and make the contacts to officials.
  • Special clinics to retrain Starters and Referees on the new starting procedures have been held and three additional clinics will be held at the November Open (1 at each site) between the first and second sessions on Sunday.
  • Club liaisons have begun working with club officials chairs to assist where necessary and identify problem areas
  • Jim Garner will serve as Meet Referee at JO's with Frank Persico serving as Admin Referee at GMU, Bob Brofft will serve as Site Referee at Oakmarr and Jack Schaeffer will serveas Admin Referee
  • Garner will ask another coach to represent the interests of the Senior Chair during this meet.
  • 15 PVS officials have been selected to officiate at the World Cup Meet.

  • Equipment Manager Two CTS timing systems were returned for maintenance following the October Open. They are expected to be returned in time for the November Open. Sufficient equipment is available to permit each November Open site to have fully automatic timing system with spare pad per site.
    Meet Management
  • If demands warrants, an additional Meet Directors clinic will be scheduled.
  • Meet passdown sheets will be reviewed.
  • Oct Open - Entries were up 705 (10094 vs 9389) 306 of increase was adding 1000Y Free on Friday evening.
  • Oct Dist - Entries were down substantially. 104 vs 290 last year. At least some is attributed to adding 1000Y Free at Oct Open. Competition has requested October Distance not be scheduled next year so long as 1000Y Free is part of October Open.
  • November Open Entries are down by 1658 from last year (8983 vs 10641) One club was reassigned to order have number of splashes/lane approximately equal at all three sites.

  • Safety Committee
  • John McDonald has been working with the registrars to clarify the requirements regarding the new safety and training requirements that exist for issuing and renewing coaches USA Swimming registration cards. This includes the requirement to include the expiration date on the coaches's registration card.
  • Dialog is ongoing with USA Swimming concerning the best approach to take with respect to the safety training for coaches. If the changes occur as Cathy Durance and John McDonald think they will, a twice yearly clinic for coaches will probably be PVS's best choice
  • To date, we have had 2 injuries reported, one at practice (a dislocated shoulder that has happened before) and one at a meet (swimmer slipped on starting block during start with minor injury.).