Report of PVS Senior Chairman

ConocoPhillips Spring National Championships

The following 24 swimmers represented PVS at the ConocoPhillips Spring National Championships - 2/10/2004 to 2/14/2004

Adler, Jason 17 Curl-Burke-PV
Basel, Jennifer 16 Sea Devil-PV
Beales, Kristen 15 Curl-Burke-PV
Betts, Justin 23 Curl-Burke-PV
Fisher, Kevin 20 Curl-Burke-PV
Haase, Colleen 15 Rockville Montgomery
Hafkin, Joshua 15 Rockville Montgomery
Henriques, Alice 23 Curl-Burke-PV
Horning, Rebecca 18 Sea Devil-PV
Hurley, Ryan 18 Curl-Burke-PV
Jacoby, Lauren 15 Curl-Burke-PV
Kemp, Elizabeth 15 Curl-Burke-PV
Kugler, Kassandra 16 Rockville Montgomery
Law, Colleen 16 Curl-Burke-PV
Liscinsky, William 22 Curl-Burke-PV
Marrs, Jarrod 28 Curl-Burke-PV
Newell, Megan 16 Curl-Burke-PV
Nichols, Christine 16 Curl-Burke-PV
Payne, Lindsay 21 Curl-Burke-PV
Sakamoto, Hiroka 22 Curl-Burke-PV
Smith, Amilee 15 Rockville Montgomery - PV
Swinley, Leslie 16 Curl-Burke-PV
Tanaka, Masami 25 Curl-Burke-PV
Thiel, Meghan 19 Curl-Burke-PV
Club Development Activities

Mr. Pat Hogan, who leads the Club Development Activities for USA Swimming, gave a summary of those planned activities at the Spring National Championships. Since 50% of the dues increase of USA Swimming has been designated for Club Development, this should be of general interest to our Clubs and members.

They are creating a position as a Facility Development Director. Since more access to water time is seen as a limiting factor in our sport, this expert will be available to assist Clubs as they plan to construct training and competition pools.

The 4 Zone Coordinators have been renamed as Sports Development Consultants (Sue Anderson is in this position for the Eastern Zone). These individuals will focus and be an asset to the Clubs primarily on the "dry side" of swimming. They are also adding 4 positions focused on "performance", to better educate coaches on the use of science in our sport.

Pat will be adding two positions as Master Coach Consultants. These will be two distinguished individuals who are retiring from active coaching who will retained as consultants to provide a mentor relationship with their accumulated expertise to Club coaches.

Other new programs that are being added in 2004:

  • expanding the video resources to make training materials more readily;
  • High School problem resolution; hoping that the draft legislation being introduced for Missouri will serve as a model for other States that restrict high school swimmers participation in our sport;
  • Expanding coach's education thru web technology to permit monthly Power Point and chat room discussions;
  • The new USA-S website is still scheduled for May 2004. This will offer more simplified navigation as well as a section containing an inventory of facilities that could be used for training, a new section for Parents, and a section for Clubs.