Strategic Planning
Greg York
April 2001 Report

Three areas of primary concern have been identified.

  1. Officials and Volunteers
    1. Encourage more female officials at higher levels
    2. Create benefits for volunteering
    3. Direct development of club officials/volunteer rosters

  2. Meet Schedules and Formats
    1. Establish a sound and stable schedule
    2. Encourage more creative fun meets
    3. Encourage more club meets thereby reducing the PVS sponsored Meets on the 2002/03 schedule

  3. Communication
    1. Increase communication and flow of information from PVS committees to PVS Board of Directors
    2. Proper dissemination of information and decisions of the Board of Directors to the Club level.

Committees will be established after the House Meeting in May.

Addendum to Strategic Planning Report
Greg York

Concern has been brought to my attention by the PVS Coaches and I feel the need to relay such concern to the Board of Directors. Potomac Valley Coaches as members of the Competition Committee currently believe that the Sr. Chairman, AG Chairman, and the Coaches Representatives have a certain responsibility to the members of the committee to fairly and strongly represent them and their views to the Board of Directors. This was not the case regarding the motions that were forthcoming from the January Competition Committee Meeting, specifically the motion for the December Club Championship Meet.

If it is not the responsibility of the above named Board Positions then I feel it is the responsibility of the Board of Directors to properly communicate those positions' duties to the coaching community at the next Competition Committee Meeting in May. The sentiment that the Competition Committee makes recommendations to the Board and the Board does not support them for various reasons further encourages the perception of the club run board.