Strategic Planning
Greg York
September 25, 2001 Report

Change in meet format:

Several coaches conveyed support and interest in modifying the meet format for the October and November Open. I communicated that format to Irene who forwarded a request for a Strategic Planning meeting. Several Coaches were unable to attend that meeting although I spoke with several of them personally, the format changes were forwarded to the Competition Chairs and the Coaches’ Representatives and with their concurrence changes to the meet formats were implemented.

  • October Open Changes
  • Open to clubs outside the LSC
  • Addition of 50 Stroke for 13 & Overs
  • Addition of 200 Stroke for the 12 & Unders

  • November Open Changes

  • As above plus
  • 5 Swims per session with a total NTE 11 swims for the meet, to afford swimmers an extra qualifying
  • swim.

No concerns regarding these changes were expressed at the Fall Competition Meeting last week.

Summer League Officials

I am still investigating opportunities to draw more summer league officials who are also parents of PVS swimmers into the PVS officials’ organization.

I will be forming a committee of the Officials Chairs from the four major summer leagues along with our own Officials Chair to further this effort.


See my comments in the Competition Committee Meeting Minutes as well as the Club Development section of the Administrative Report.