Strategic Planning
Greg York
October 16, 2001 Report

PVS Summer and High School League Outreach
Most registered athletes with PVS participate in either Summer League and or High School Swimming. This is a fact that cannot be denied. We currently, if begrudgingly arrange our meet format and schedules to accommodate these other leagues. These leagues are not the enemy they are a tremendous resource, not only for maintaining enthusiasm in our athletes but in their ability to provide new members to PVS. A strong liaison needs to be formed with the major summer leagues and the area high school leagues. That is the base that we draw from.

We have little or no advertising presence in the summer leagues
We have little or no presence in the high school environment
We offer little or no direct support to these organizations


Increase advertising in summer league handbooks to include full-page ads and contact information to reach the administrative office.

Develop a 1 page brochure about PVS, who we are, what we do, and how to participate, choosing a club etc.

Have a presence at summer league officials' clinics beyond what is thee now. Push the ease of becoming a PVS certified official. Provide a "goodie bag" to all attendees at summer league officials clinics.

Host an Open house/clinic in late winter early spring when non-PVS swimmers are still thinking about swimming. Providing an opportunity for parents to ask, questions get information, and see what PVS and USA Swimming is about. Provide an opportunity for athletes of all ages to meet and work with PVS coaches and experience first hand what "winter" swimming is all about.

PVS Nutritionist
We have been trying to incorporate nutritional guidelines into our parent portions of our clinics, with little success. The primary problem has been finding a qualified individual. Additionally one of the most frequently asked questions coaches receive is "What should my child be eating?" Therefore I propose PVS develop a new program position of PVS Nutritional Coordinator. When coaches, parents or athletes have questions they can be directed to a qualified person trained to answer them. I would like to see this position be posted on the PVS Web page and nominations/applications for this volunteer position be taken and reviewed by a 3-5 person committee of Board and non-Board members. Goal is to have the position filled by January 1, 2002.

Policy & Procedures
Each time the board meets I receive phone calls that evening or the following morning from PVS members, as I am sure many other board members and the office do as well. It has been brought to my attention that we need to follow policy as set forth in the P&P and allow the BoR to make exceptions to those policies as cases come before them. In light of the recent situation with clubs and registration issues it is clear we did not follow P&P and we may be setting ourselves up for clubs with infractions to ask the board for leniency in the future. I feel to maintain fairness the board should apply the policy as it is written to all clubs and if the club is unhappy with the decision of the board let them take their case to the board of review.