Strategic Planning
Greg York
February 19, 2002 Report

The ads presented at the January Board meeting were placed in the programs at the Virginia and Montgomery County High School Championship Swim Meets. Although direct response to the office has been limited we feel that awareness has been heightened and that we have increased visibility of PVS. Cost for these ads was nominal and I feel PVS got good value for their dollar. Additionally this encourages further relationships between the local High School Swimming governing bodies and Potomac Valley Swimming.

High School Swimming
I have reviewed and discussed Bill Marlin's proposal and concerns regarding High School Swimming in the Washington Metropolitan Area. I will be continuing to discuss and investigate these concerns and attempt to find a platform for better cooperation and understanding between, USA Swimming clubs in Potomac Valley and the High School Coaches and their leagues.

Further I would like to offer with the boards approval and guidance a coaching seminar to the local high school coaches/representatives to enhance understanding, cooperation and standards. This program could further be developed to encompass the local Summer league teams/coaches as well.