Report of PVS Webmaster
June 18, 2002

Activity on the PVS site continues to grow, but at a more modest rate than before.

Time Period Hits Average Hits/Day Page Views Average Page Views Per day Data Downloaded (Mb) Data Downloaded per day (Mb)
Jan-00-May-00 2010811 13229 621084 4086 11372.68 74.82
Jan-01-May-01 2580593 17090 783835 5191 17825.68 118.05
Jan-02-May-02 3183224 21081 789537 5229 20584.72 136.32
  • The Eastern Zone has requested that PVS host a modest amount of Zone information (e. g., minutes, zone and sectional meet information, meet records, etc) on our website. We have indicated our willingness to do so. No actual content to post has been received to date.

  • Inquiries are being received as to when PVS Records will be updated. They were last updated for the Long Course 2000 season. Similarly inquiries are being received regarding the status of allowing our swimmers to apply for Scholar-Athlete recognition.