Potomac Valley Swimming
Long Course Zone Team Report

General Information:

The LSC decided to change the LC Zone team eligibility. This decision brought forth views from both sides for and against the decision. The final decision for the team was any swimmer who qualifies for the team must travel with the Zone team on the bus and stay the entire meet.

The 2005 LC Zone team had 61 athletes attending. This number was significantly down from prior years. With over 100 athletes eligible for the meet only 61 attended.


The HOD voted in the spring to reduce the amount of the subsidy that PVS contributed to the meet $11,500.00 down from $15,000.00. The LC Zones 2005 trip was a 5 day trip not 3 day (as is SC) and was twice the distance. The final amount for the trip came out to $580.00 per swimmer with 115 swimmers attending, counting on a full load of swimmers. The Zone Coordinator and the board were contacted by parents and coaches regarding the amount. At the July Board meeting it was voted to reduce the price of the trip $500.00 with LSC picking up the difference of the trip. This formula was decided at $100.00 per day keeping in line with daily amount for the SC Team ($350.00 for 3 days)

As a result of the numbers being lower than anticipated the cost per athlete was 35-40% higher. The LSC incurred penalties for not filling rooms/ buses. The LSC contributed much more than the $11,500.00 approved by the HOD. At the time of this report I do not have the final numbers of what the LSC spent.

Athletes/ Meet:

The LC Zones meet was held in Buffalo, NY. The team competed at 2 pools in the area. The 12 & under competed at the University of Buffalo pool and the 13 & Over competed at the ECC Pool. All finals sessions were held at the ECC Pool.

The 9-10 year old swimmers swam very well with 85% best times. The 11-12 year olds also swam well with 70% best times. The 13 & Over 12% best times.
PVS averaged 1-2 swimmers in finals each night. PVS placed 9th overall LC Zones down from 4th last year.

Zone Coordinator Recommendations:

  • There were mixed feeling about the layout of the LC Zones team. This issue needs to be returned to the competition committee at the September meeting. A recommendation needs to be made to the board as to if the body would like to try this format another season or a new proposal needs to be made.

  • This issue must be addressed at the September meeting and passed forward. The LSC lost money in the 2005 LC decision because of delay in decision.

  • The Competition should recommend to the board that the HOD reconsider the amount that the LSC subsidies. Given that the 2006 & 2007 LC Zones meet is in Buffalo, NY the cost for the will again run around $80,000.00 for the team. The average amount that other LSC's in our zone contribute is $17,000- $20,000.00