Official Minutes



6:30 PM -- MONDAY, MARCH 12, 2007
McLean Community Center
McLean, VA


Attendance:  Board Members:   Jim Garner, Chair; Austin Auger, Art Davis, Mark Faherty, Frani Hess, John Hirschmann, Dan Jacobs, Bill Marlin, Don Riedlinger, Bill Stephens,  Ron Whalen.  Non-voting Board members:  Janet Auger, John Ertter, Ward Foley, Boots Hall, Linda Klopfenstein, Jim Van Erden.  Guests:    Manga Dalizu, Jim Thompson.


Call to Order:  The meeting was called to order at approximately 6:40pm by Jim Garner, General Chair.


Agenda:  Jim provided the Board with a proposed Agenda.


Presentation on Officials Tracking:  Jim Thompson, Officials Committee member, provided all attendees with a handout entitled, “Officials Tracking:  Status Update,” detailing the enhancements to the program.  Highlights of his presentation included:

·        A history of the data collection process from 2004 to 2007.

·        A summary of the data collection experience for the 2006-07 season.

·        An overview of the data available and various reports that can be generated.

·        Possible long-term implications of the program.


Thompson noted a few issues that remained to be resolved, such as when an official is registered with Club A, but has swimmers on multiple clubs.  Credit for sessions worked is only attributed to the official’s club registration.  Additionally, officials who work more than one position at a meet are only credited for working one position at one session.  Included in his report were lists of those meets for which he had and had not received lists of what officials had worked.  His report shows that to date – reports had been received for 31 of 49 meets held so far this competitive year.  Thompson also reported he was now receiving complete information on how many swimmers and swims (by club) were participating in each PVS sanctioned meet and that he was also receiving periodic updates of all meets sanctioned by PVS allowing him to make sure he knew of all meets for which he should be getting a report.


The Board expressed its gratitude to Thompson for his development of the tracking program.  Noting the PVS Officials Requirement enacted by the Board in June 2006, the Board reaffirmed it would continue doing so for this competitive year. The Board also agreed that it should delay rewarding and/or fining clubs based on the information being assembled by Thompson until there is greater compliance in data reporting.  Prior to Thompson’s departure from the meeting, Bill Stephens volunteered to provide him with the name of an individual at USA-S to explore the feasibility of incorporating the program into Hy-tek.  Thompson was also urged to retain underlying paper records for confirmation – particularly if officials and/or clubs were going to be recognized – in the event there are challenges to the accuracy of the data


Approval of Minutes:  A motion was made and seconded to approve the minutes of the February 12, 2007 meeting with one abstention, Don Riedlinger.


General Chairman Items
Nominating Committee: 
The General Chair, Jim Garner, reviewed what Board of Director positions and Board of Review positions stand for election this year.  He recommended the formation of a Nominating Committee comprised of Mark Eldridge, Kerry Reed Ellett and himself.  After a brief discussion, recommendations were made that the committee be expanded to include an individual from a Virginia based club, as well as an individual currently active on the Board of Directors.  Garner stated that he would seek out an individual for the former and Jim Van Erden was proposed for the latter.  [Subsequent to the meeting, Peter Karl agreed to serve.]

The Board approved the formation of the Nominating Committee with the further understanding that Jim Garner would withdraw should he wish to be nominated for a position.  It was also agreed requests for nominations should also be posted on the website [see posted 03/20/07] and sent out in an upcoming Flash mail {done on 03/20/07}].


At Large Appointments for HoD Meeting:  Garner informed the Board that he would present his list of recommendations for the 10 at-large delegates to the PVS House of Delegates as permitted by the Bylaws at the April meeting. 


2007 Swimposium:  No discussion occurred as Paris Jacobs was unable to be present.


Conflict of Interest Statement:  Per the Board’s request at its February 12, 2007 meeting, Art Davis had prepared a revised Conflict of Interest Policy. However, rather than moving adoption of his proposal he made a motion that the Board adopt the recently circulated “Statement of Principles on Ethical Behavior and Conflict of Interest” (revision of 3/10/07).  Acknowledging that the proposed statement was more comprehensive than a pure Conflict of Interest Policy, he stated that he was in support of the agreement since PVS had legal counsel available, if needed. The Board was also informed that this proposed statement has been shared with the USA Swimming Treasurer and he in turn has provided it to the other 58 LSC’s for their consideration. The motion was seconded and unanimously approved to adopt the policy.


The Board next reviewed John Hirschmann’s recommendation as to which PVS positions should be expected to sign the statement.  Hirschmann’s list included the following:  all members of the PVS Board of Directors (including active ex officio members), all members of the PVS Board of Review, all PVS support contractors (currently Registrar, Administrative Assistant, Controller and Equipment Manager), and key PVS Committee Chairs (Awards Chair, Camps Coordinator, Officials Chair, Travel Support Coordinator, Safety Chair,  Webmaster, and Zone Coordinator).  A motion was made, seconded and unanimously approved to request endorsement of the statement by those individuals holding these positions – either directly or through appropriate intermediaries when the individuals who are being requested to sign are not aware that the Board is taking this action.  The Administrative Assistant was requested to transmit the statement to all parties requesting that it be executed and returned no later than the April Board meeting.  


Diversity Program:  Manga Dalizu was welcomed to the meeting and was provided an opportunity to further update his request for PVS support of a Diversity Program.   A handout was distributed outlining the short-term and long-term requests to the Board.  In reviewing the short-term request, the Board requested that a line item of $7,000 entitled “Diversity” be included in the proposed FY08 budget.  This line item would not specifically be earmarked for lodging or transportation for the 2008 Black Heritage Meet in North Carolina, but would be subject to distribution based on recommendations to the Board from a committee comprised of the Outreach Coordinator, Age Group Chair, Coaches Representatives and a Parent Representative.  The Board also recommended that Dalizu make a presentation to the HoD in support of his funding request.


Executive Session:  The Board of Directors, after voting to also include Janet Auger and John Ertter, met in executive session to discuss monies owed to PVS by four member clubs, described as Team A, Team B, Team C and Team D.


A motion was made and seconded to immediately suspend Team A from PVS, subject to reinstatement upon receipt of monies owed.  The motion was amended to send a certified letter advising that suspension from PVS will occur in two weeks from the date of notification unless payment is received in the interim.  The Board was informed that this club has amounts past due going back to October 2006 and has a past history of collection problems with PVS.   In response to prior inquiries, PVS has had various versions of the “check is in the mail” only have no payment arrive.  The motion to amend the motion passed 6-5.  The original motion was then passed with one dissenting vote, Art Davis, who asked that the minutes reflect that his dissent was primarily based on the fact that no hearing had been offered to the member club.  [Subsequent to the meeting, Davis requested that his vote be changed to an approval of the motion.]


A motion was made, seconded and passed on a vote of 9-1-1 to send notice to Team B, via certified letter, advising that suspension from PVS will occur in 30 days unless payment is received.  This club has been in transition for a few months and PVS has been unable to determine who now is responsible for handling their financial matters.  The Treasurer indicated that he felt it was premature to take action against Team C and thus no action was taken.    


A motion was made, seconded and passed on a vote of 9-1-1 to send notice to Team D, via certified letter, advising that suspension from PVS will occur in 30 days unless payment is received.  A recent check payable to PVS was not honored and this club has a prior history of payment problems with PVS.


The Executive Session concluded and the previously excused attendees returned.


Routine Requests:  Hirschmann informed the Board that a number of pre- and post-meet reports are not being submitted on a timely basis.  He indicated that he would undertake a thorough inventory of list of expected reports with the intent of reporting back to the Board in April.  He noted that clubs are now only being rewarded/penalized with regard to submitting some reports and that this process can be hopefully worked into a more integrated process.


April 15th Strategic Planning Retreat:  Bill Stephens presented the Board a handout outlining the Strategic Planning Retreat scheduled for Sunday, April 15th, 9:00am – 5:00pm at Jim Van Erden’s office.. The proposed plan was developed the prior Saturday by retreat working group of Stephens, Van Erden, Marlin, Hirschmann and Ertter. Exact address and directions for where the retreat will be held will follow via e-mail.


Ertter noted that in the interim he would be being developing a “baseline” FY08 budget based on the current program activities being undertaken by the LSC.  Board members in attendance were reminded that if they wished any new initiatives or major changes in on-going activities to be considered for the next year’s budget, to notify Ertter and Hirschmann by March 25. 


The Baseline Budget will be provided to the Board for information prior to the retreat.  The proposed budget can then be revised as a result of decisions made at the retreat and formally considered by the Board for recommendation to the House at its April 25 meeting.


Athlete Representatives:  Frani Hess opened a discussion on the athletes reactions to the prior weekend’s PVS Senior Championship Meet.  She expressed concerns about the overall size of the meet, both in terms of the number of athletes attending as well as heats per event.  She also asked if perhaps the qualifying times were too slow since, in some events, the qualifying times for the 14/U JO Championship Meet were faster. 


Austin Auger asked if allowing out-of-LSC teams to participate in PVS Senior Champs best served the interests of PVS athletes.  He noted that, while the addition of the D Heat did provide more PVS athletes opportunities to final, he still questioned the practice.


Discussion ensued regarding the history of the elimination of PVS SC Junior Champs and the attempt to meet the season culminating needs of PVS athletes.  Various ideas were offered, including:

·        Re-instatement of the PVS SC Junior Championship Meet

·        Establishment of the PVS Championship Competition Schedule without regard of the Sectional Meet

·        Establishment of 13-14 year old cuts for PVS Senior Champs and limiting Finals for other age groups to one or two heats

·        Permanent addition of a D heat to PVS Senior Champs

·        The fact USA Swimming is not having a championship in March or April starting in 2008 – adding flexibility to PVS’s schedule. 

·        The challenges of finding dates for additional meets – particularly given the current different scheduling of high school championship series meets in Maryland and Virginia was discussed.


The Athlete Representatives were asked to gather input on the matter from PVS athletes.  They were further encouraged to present this information to both the Board and to make a presentation at the next Competition Committee Meeting. They were assured both the Board and Competition would welcome receiving their input.


Senior Division:  Riedlinger indicated that he had nothing to report.


Treasurer’s Report / Finance Division:  Financial results for the period ending February 28, 2007 had been provided to the Board prior to the meeting.  PVS’s current assets on hand as of February 28, 2007 were $784,426.  With his transmittal, Hirschmann reported that PVS’s financial health continues to be very strong. The Board had no questions regarding the statements or accompanying reports.


Jim Garner reviewed with the Board a letter received from USA-S regarding the Crime Insurance provided to all LSC’s.  The insurance coverage is limited to $100,000 and will only cover losses in excess of $5,000. In order to renew the policy, Hartford is requiring that the following safeguards be in place for each LSC:


  1. Dual signatures be required on checks in the amount of $5,000 or more;
  2. The person who issues checks cannot be the same person that balances the monthly bank statement.
  3. An audit committee be formed whose responsibility is to review the

LSC books, at least, semi-annually.


If a loss occurs and it is determined these safeguards were not in place, the insurance company will deny the claim as the policy warranties had not been met.


Upon reviewing the safeguards, it was noted that PVS does not currently meet the requirements; however, it does have alternate safeguards which it believes are superior – particularly in regard to the dual signature requirement.  The USA Swimming Treasurer is aware of the procedures PVS has in place and has recommended them to the other 58 LSC’s for their consideration.  Garner indicated that he would write a letter to the United States Swimming staff to explain why PVS would be declining this coverage. He would review it with Hirschmann and Ertter. It was suggested that a copy be sent to Peter Carney, USA Swimming Treasurer.


The final matter addressed was the proposed PVS Investment Policy.  There was discussion of the basis for some of the recommended policy.  After confirming that, if the policy were adopted, investment decisions would continue to require Board approval, a motion was made, seconded and unanimously approved to adopt the proposed PVS Investment Policy.


2007 May Eastern Zone Meeting:  Jim Garner polled those in attendance as to who was planning on attending. The meeting will be held May 12, 2007 in Portland, Maine. Those currently indicating they are planning on attending are Art Davis, John Ertter, Mark Faherty, Ward Foley, Jim Garner, Boots Hall, John Hirschmann, Dan Jacobs, Bill Marlin, Don Riedlinger, Bill Stephens and Ron Whalen. 


Age Group Division
2008 Summer Zones: 
Bill Marlin informed the Board that he has been in contact with Kurt Thiel regarding the planning of the Open Water event and that he anticipates recommending the selection of Pohick Bay as the venue.  Consideration is also being given to permitting non-Zone qualifiers to compete in the Open Water event, as well as perhaps Masters swimmers.  There was no further discussion of the financial arrangements for this meet – including estimated costs or how the financial aspects would be shared between VSI and PVS.


Replacement Zone Coordinator:  Regarding a replacement Zone Team Coordinator, Marlin informed the Board that he was in discussion with a potential candidate.  


Marlin concluded his portion of the meeting by complimenting MACH on its hosting of the 2007 14/Under JO Championship by stating that he found both the atmosphere and the hospitality to be outstanding and that MACH should be congratulated for its efforts at championship meet enhancement.


Operations Division
After the prior Board meeting, Jim Van Erden had modified the proposed Officials Education Travel Reimbursement Policy to reflect the changes requested at that meeting.  A motion was made and seconded to adopt this proposal. The Board requested additional revisions be made so that policy would be applicable to all years and not just the current fiscal year and also that the Officials Chair be requested to make specific recommendations each year as part of the annual budget formulation process.  These changes were accepted as a friendly amendment. The Officials Education Travel Reimbursement Policy as amended was then unanimously approved by the Board.


Administrative Division
Art Davis advised the Board that he had spoken with Erik Collins of the Maverick Swim Team (MAV) who had informed him of his permanent relocation to Minnesota and that his team was no longer active.  The Administrative Assistant was requested to remove MAV from the PVS website.


Davis next requested and received Board approval for reimbursement of travel costs for the PVS Registrar to attend the 2007 LSC Registration/Times Workshop to be held in Tucson, Arizona on April 20-22. It was noted that Tim Husson and John Hirschmann both planned to attend for the Times portion.


Strategic Planning:  The matter of By-Law recommendations to the House of Delegates was tabled.


Next Board Meeting:  The Chair requested that the April Board meeting be scheduled for April 25th at 6:30PM in lieu of the previously announced date of April 16th.  This will allow time for a proposed FY08 budget to be presented to the Board that reflects decisions made at the April 15th Board retreat. The Administrative Assistant was requested to confirm the availability of the McLean Community Center for the rescheduled date.  [Following the meeting, it was confirmed that the meeting would be held at the McLean Community Center on the rescheduled date.]


Adjournment:  the meeting adjourned at 9:50PM.


Respectfully submitted by,
Janet Auger
PVS Administrative Assistant