The Head Coach must file this request within thirty days of the conclusion of competition. The Head Coach is attesting that the athletes listed under QUALIFIED have satisfied all eligibility criteria. The Head Coach must also list those athletes that they believe deserve an appeal in the APPEAL section of the form, and provide supporting rationale. A "MEET/EVENT CERTIFICATION" form must be attached for each athlete listed.

At the Board meeting immediately following the due date, all requests will be reviewed. Appeals will also be considered at this time by the eligibility sub-committee and recommendations will be made to the Board. Appeals will be based upon the information that the Head Coach has provided, so please ensure that all relevant facts are provided. No further appeals will be entertained.

Any member of Potomac Valley Swimming can contest the eligibility of an athlete listed in the QUALIFIED section of the request.

If the Club's submission is contested, the Club will have fourteen days to provide supporting data. If the Club can (or does) not provide the supporting evidence for the contested request, the Club will be charged the $100.00 integrity fine (per occurrence). Any monies issued for the contested request shall be returned. No further appeals of "QUALIFIED" athletes will be entertained.

Send completed forms to: PVS Administrative Office, P.O. Box 3729   McLean, VA 22103-3729, as soon after the meet as possible. Requests received later than thirty days following the meet will be returned without action.


In order to receive travel assistance from Potomac Valley Swimming (PVS), an athlete must meet certain minimum eligibility requirements:
The athlete must be registered with PVS for at least six months prior to the meet and must represent PVS at the meet for which they are requesting assistance.
The athlete must have swum the event for which they are requesting travel assistance in a Potomac Valley meet during the appropriate season. An event where the athlete scratches the final, or is disqualified by the referee for misconduct, is not considered complete.
The athlete must have completed the required number of events, in the designated meets, as recommended by the PVS Competition Committee and approved by the Board of Directors.
Full time students living away from home who have been registered with Potomac Valley for two years prior to entering school are exempt from the participation requirement as long as they are representing Potomac Valley Swimming. Athletes residing in the area are expected to meet the specified participation requirements.
Requests for travel assistance are due not later than thirty days after the competition or event for which travel assistance is being requested.