Registration & Administration Report
July 22, 2000

Submitted by:
Kit Mathews
Irene Millman
Linda Edmunds


Awards Chairman Opening: We currently have candidates under consideration and hope to make an announcement at the September BoD meeting.

Aquatics Guide: We are working on the format and the content. We will have a FAQ section geared toward Athletes, Parents, and Coaches. Individuals may be contacted over the next 60 days for content input. Our goal for distribution is late fall of 2000.

Meet Managers Guide: The MM Guide will be edited by the Administrative Division is working with Operations to incorporate changes and is expected to be complete and available for distribution prior to the start of SCY Season.

Visa: Per the June BoD minutes, the Office was asked to investigate the possibility of taking Visa as a form of payment. At this time, the Administrative Division does not recommend offering Visa as a payment method due to the surcharges and administrative costs involved.

Insurance: A Club requested the Office investigate the possibility of offering an insurance program to the LSC coaches. At this time, the Administrative Division does not believe it can properly administer a plan nor offer a program better than is currently offered by USA Swimming.

Communication: The main number for the PVS Administrative Office is 301 840-5955, the fax is 301 840-5950. Voice mail is available when the staff is not. We would like to remind coaches that if they are unable to speak to us directly that they must leave a complete message for us to be able to return their calls. Failure to leave name and number will prevent a response.

Linda's telephone line is currently experiencing difficulties with voice mail and fax capabilities. Bell Atlantic has several trouble tickets open regarding this and the office is working diligently to correct this situation. At this time the voice mail on the alternate line is working if it fails please leave a message to that effect on the main number 301 840-5955. Again, we would like to remind everyone that there is one number to contact and that is the number that should always be used unless directed to do otherwise for a specific purpose.


The 2001 forms have arrived from USA Swimming and the on site distribution plan is going well. Over 70% of the LSC's athlete forms were delivered at SR Champs and the balance is expected to be delivered at Age Group and Junior Champs. Those packages undelivered at the end of the Championship meets will be mailed to the clubs. This process allowed the Administrative Office to save countless hours in packaging and the cost of mailing (approx $100.00). Additionally, the club information package and the club renewal forms for USA Swimming were included in this year's registration packages. We have asked all clubs to return these two forms with their first batch to avoid the processing problems we experienced last season with athletes being attached to clubs who's membership had expired.

The 2001 forms are also available on the PVS Web page in .pdf format. The update from Hy-Tek was released on Wednesday, July 19, 2000, and all clubs for which email is available received a copy of that notification.

We are currently short USA Non-athlete forms. We expect them to be in next week and will distribute them to the clubs that were shorted in their original registration packages.

Complete Non Athlete lists were mailed to all clubs last month and a complete Athlete list will be emailed or USPS'd to the balance of the clubs by EOM.

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