As approved at October 24, 2000 BofD Meeting


7:00 PM -- TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 12, 2000
Whitman HS - RoomA218
Bethesda, MD

The meeting was called to order by the General Chairman, Thirl Crudup at 7:15 pm. In attendance were John Blaschke, Thirl Crudup, Mark Eldridge, John Ertter, Ward Foley, John Hirschmann, Linda Klopfenstein, George Massey, Kit Mathews, Bob Walker, Greg York, Irene Millman and Linda Edmunds.

Approval of the July BOD Meeting Minutes
Motion to accept the July BOD minutes as distributed after being amended with regard to Open Water reimbursement. This reimbursement was limited to actual expenses that were less than 50% of the current travel assistance provided for other National Championship meets. PASSED.

Treasurer's Report
John Ertter presented the attached report. He stated that the PVS cash position in its Operating Account as of the end of the fiscal year ending August 31.2000 showed a net increase relative to the end of fiscal year end August 31, 1999 of $14986 . The Dave Davis fund showed a net decrease of $419. Total assets on hand as of August 31, including the Dave Davis fund were $184,796. John E noted as a result of discussions at prior meetings regarding the most appropriate presentation of the PVS budget that he was now showing the payment to USA Swimming of their share of membership dues as contra revenue, rather than as an LSC expense as has had been prior practice.

Further discussion of the budget versus actual expenses followed.

It was noted that the publication account will become the family membership account to more accurately reflect its nature.

Questions were raised regarding the Zone income and expense figures and the implied net cost to the LSC. While some fees for last summer may not have been deposited prior to September 1. Questions were raised as to why the apparent net expense to the LSC was so large, given the limited LSC support provided to the LSC and the SC meet was held within the LSC with no overnight lodging being provided to team members.

It was noted that the separate bank account designated as "Travel" still existed.. John E. expressed a desire to discuss the closing of this account during the New Business portion of the meeting. He stated that he found no reason to continue to segregate these funds into a separate account.

General Chairman's Report

Introduction of Incoming Board members
Thirl introduced Bob Walker, the incoming Age Group Chair; John Blaschke, the incoming Jr. Coaches' representative; and Coco Buck, the incoming Jr. Athletes' representative to the other members present and welcomed them.

Thirl stated that he had distributed the proposed legislation package to the Board members present. He asked that they become familiar with it. He noted that this was an officers' election year and that Kerry Ellett from PVS was running for the Eastern Zone Director, Coaches position. Greg asked if the PVS delegates would discuss the nominees. John H. stated that the PVS delegates normally caucus during convention to discuss this and other pending matters.

2000 World Cup Meet
Thirl stated that he had not been able to attend a meeting regarding the World Cup held on June 29th. He stated that during this meeting, the strengths and weaknesses of the previous World Cup held at UMD had been reviewed. He received that report subsequent to the meeting. He further stated that tickets would be available via the host club (NBAC) website. John H. asked if he should create a link from the PVS homepage. Thirl said yes.

Greg Y stated that a great deal of contention was created during the last meet by the wearing of team apparel at the meet by select teams. He further stated that if LSC wide support were desired, this would need to be corrected. Thirl stated that this was one of the major items discussed at the meeting and that the MD LSC and NBAC would be carrying a greater share of the responsibility for hosting the meet this year. . Mark E. asked to see the report and was told the report could be made available. He also asked who was the PVS point person for this meet. Thirl stated that he was currently the point person, but if someone was interested, that person could take on this duty. Mark E agreed to be the PVS point person for the World Cup Meet.

Sanction Fees for National Level Meets' Committee
Kit presented the written recommendation of the committee which was as follows:

"Special Events

"Special Events" are defined as those events which are awarded to a host PVS club by a body higher in authority than Potomac Valley Swimming (Eastern Zone, USA Swimming, or FINA). Awarding of these events often requires a bid or application process by the host club to the awarding authority.

"Special Events" includes but are not limited to:

  • Eastern Zone Championships (short or long course)
  • Eastern Zone Sectional Championships (short or long course)
  • USA Swimming Cadillac Series
  • USA Swimming Open Championships
  • USA Swimming Phillips 66 National Championships
  • FINA World Cup

In the event that the host club assumes all responsibility for hosting this meet (financial and meet management) there is no "splash fee" imposed by PVS."

In support of the recommendation, he stated there are benefits (including press coverage, chances for PVS athletes to attend, showcase the LSC for future meets) to the LSC beyond the "splash fee." There may also be greater opportunity for PVS athletes to participate and at lower cost. Therefore, it is desirable to host these meets within the LSC.

Ward asked if this new policy would apply retroactively to the Eastern Zone meet held within PVS in Spring 2000. John H. stated that it was unfortunate that this policy hadn't been developed prior to the hosting of that meet and that there had been a gap in policy with regard to this type of meet. There was further discussion of the previously held meet and the policy that applied. There was discussion of the tabled motion regarding National level meets made at the July Board meeting. It was determined that this motion was not a legal motion. This motion was re-moved as two motions as follows: Motion that the club that ran the Zone meet be required to pay the PVS "splash fee" FAILED.

Motion that the "splash fee" charges paid by any club who ran meets within the 1999-2000 Short Course Season be refunded to the clubs. FAILED.

There was further discussion of the previously hosted National Level Meet. Greg York stated that politically it would be in the best interest of the club to reimburse to PVS the "splash fee". There was discussion of whether a donation that the club had stated would be made has been contributed. Motion to adopt the recommendation of the Sanction Fees for National Level Meets' Committee as amended to apply from March 1, 2000 forward. PASSED.

Athlete Representatives

Sr. Champs
Coco reported that she had been asked why the Sr. Champs meet had been moved to January. Thirl stated that this was primarily a scheduling issue caused by the deadline for the completion of the Sectional Meet. There was further discussion of the reasoning for the move of this meet and the need to have Sr. Champs not conflict with high school meets and the scheduling issues of all the involved LSCs, including PVS.

Coco reported that she had very little information regarding the Sectional Meet and that she as well as other athletes would like more information. Irene stated it had been decided at the 2000 Spring Eastern Zone Meeting that athletes who had previously attended the Speedo Junior Championship Meet would be eligible to participate in Zone Meets. Thirl stated that the first pass for time cuts had been made for the Sectional Meet and that this information would be discussed at the September Competition Meeting. There was discussion of the announcement at the 1999 USA Swimming Convention that USA would impose time standards by a certain date and that this date had passed. Neither USA Swimming nor the Eastern Zone has taken action to date and PVS has no control over this omission. Thirl stated that the committee assigned to this had gotten a late start. There was discussion of PVS and the other involved LSCs objecting to this delay. It was stated that the athletes require this information in order to properly prepare. Thirl stated that there have been many emails regarding this and that he anticipates the time standards ("cuts") will be finalized by the October Open. Mark E. stated that based on the current planned participation numbers (1 rather than 2 courses in prelims) it will be unacceptable to run this meet and further stated that he would be unable to cover his pool rental costs based on the current projections. Thirl stated that this concern had already been addressed to the Eastern Zone Director.

Public Relations
Coco asked if there was a Public Relations Committee within PVS. Thirl stated that Wayne White was the contact for this. There was discussion of this position and the lack of publicity received by the LSC. It was stated that the General Chairman appoints the position. It was suggested that if the articles were provided (rather than just the information) it would be easier to get publication. Thirl will contact Wayne White with regard to obtaining publicity for PVS and the role he wishes to play in the future.

Coco asked about having an athlete corner on the webpage. It was stated that the inclusion of information on the webpage was not an issue (within the guidelines of the webpage policy). Irene stated that Voices has not had any athlete input recently. Coco will meet with John B and Greg to develop content to be published via Voices and/or the webpage. They will them consult with the Webmaster or Irene as appropriate.


00 LC Eastern Zone Meet
Bob W. referred to his previously submitted written report. He stated that this was one of the best Zone Meets yet. PVS placed 3rd as a team and the girls placed 2nd. He further stated the one major area of concern was the presence on deck of PVS coaches who were not the Zone Team coaches. Mark E. inquired as to the number of athletes and coaches. Bob stated that there were 144 athletes and 6 authorized (5 actual) coaches. The Eastern Zone limits each team to 8 coaches; however, PVS Policy limits the team to 6 coaches and 1 manager. Bob stated that he is happy to see the coaches want to be involved but that they should be serving the entire team, not individual athletes. There was further discussion of this philosophy. There was discussion of the credentials required at the meet for entry to the deck and that PVS was not the only LSC encountering this problem. It was noted that host clubs could substantially alleviate this problem by providing (as called for in the zone manual) appropriate credentials and providing sufficient marshals to effectively control deck access.

This issue will be brought to the September Competition Meeting. The 2000 Eastern Zone LC Meet Coaches were: Bob Walker, George Massey, Evan Stiles, Christian Dowd and Robert Porter. There was discussion of the upcoming deadline to apply for the position of 2001 Eastern Zone SC Zone Team Head or Assistant Head Coach. This deadline is the September 18, 2000. Irene stated that several applications have been received. Input regarding the selection of Zone Team Coaches will be solicited at the September Competition Meeting.

Administrative Division

Irene referred to the previously submitted written report. She also raised the following additional issues.

Aquatics Guide
Irene presented the concept of setting a pre-order requirement/solicitation in order to assure that PVS would not lose money on this publication and sufficient copies would be purchased to warrant the effort. Ward questioned the format and content. Irene stated that it would not be significantly different than the prior issue, but would be spiral bound. Thirl asked that a prototype be developed for presentation at the next regularly scheduled Board Meeting. Irene stated that with a minimum order of 500, the projected cost was between $4 and $6 per guide.

November Open Site Host
Irene stated that the club who was the successful bidder for the November Open Meet at one site had requested they be allowed to drop the meet without affecting their priority status in future bids for this meet. She further stated that one of the teams who would be swimming at this facility was willing to run the meet. Ward asked if other teams had bid for the meet originally. Irene stated that there had been no other bids. Motion that the November Open Meet host for the Fairland site be FAST. PASSED.

Organizational Structure
Irene stated that some dated material was in the current listing of the PVS Organization structure on the webpage and that some of the positions were no longer applicable. John H and Irene concluded they could not simply update this document as a routine item. She stated a desire to bring some of these items to the Board for clarification. Thirl appointed a committee of Irene, Kit, and John Hirschmann. This committee will bring to the Board an acceptable version. Ward stated that if the PVS By-Laws were affected, the Board would be unable to accept the changes. Thirl stated that the Board would need to have it ready to the point that it could be presented to the House of Delegates at the 2001 House of Delegates Meeting. Mark E. stated that he would like to have the Board of Review information on the webpage updated in the interim while this review occurs.

Strategic Planning

As Greg Stephenson was not present, no report was presented.

Operations Division

John H. provided his report subsequent to the meeting

It was noted that the pool for the January distance meet may have to be relocated as PVS is having problems finalizing arrangements at a pool for which it has a prior verbal commitment.

There was discussion of the PGS&LC pool contracts. Thirl indicated that these would be finalized by the end of the month. He also indicated that he was confident the recent change in pool management would not impact the availability of the pool to PVS for meets already planned nor the terms of its usage.

There was discussion of the Safety Committee. Linda K. stated that people who had been appointed to the committee had tried to become involved but never received responses. John H. stated that he would be discussing this with the committee chair. Kit inquired regarding training sessions and equipment requirements for running the new HyTek Windows software for Meet Management. John H. stated that there would be a clinic held October 7, 2000. Ward asked about staffing of officials at meets and which meets were a club responsibility., John H stated with the exception of the 2 Senior championship meets (SC and LC) and the CUBU Invitational it was the responsibility of the club to identify officials to staff the meets. John H. stated that the 2000 Eastern Zone SC Meet was staffed by the PVS Officials, as it was a Nationally certified meet. Ward stated that it must be made clear to Officials what type of meet is being run and who is running the meet. Mark E. asked for clarification on the acceptable automation software. John H. stated that no one has asked to use anything other than Hytek. Mark E. stated that he felt there should be a requirements list set forth and that the use of any software meeting the requirements be allowed.

Age Group Division

Bob Walker had provided a written report in advance of the meeting. Greg York reiterated that the issue of PVS coaches who were not 2000 Eastern Zone LC Meet Coaches be brought to the September Competition Meeting. Bob W asked about the proposed AG Championship Meet format that he is proposing. Thirl stated and Mark E. reiterated that this proposal should be taken to the September Competition Meeting and that Bob W. will then bring back to the Board of Directors the recommendation of the Competition Committee. Ward and Mark E. requested that this proposal be forwarded to all PVS coaches prior to the Competition Committee.

Senior Division

Sanction Requests
Jim G. presented a sanction request that had been received from a team within PVS who had planned to attend a Sr. Circuit Meet scheduled to occur within the VA LSC; however, the pool had become unavailable and the request is to move it to a site within our LSC. The date of this meet conflicts with the October Open Meet. Ward stated that only a few of the fastest athletes would be participating in this meet and that the others will attend the October Open Meet. Additionally, he stated that this was a source of revenue for PVS. There was discussion of sanctioning this meet. Ward agreed that the entries from PVS in this meet would be limited to 40. Motion that PVS will sanction this meet with a limit of 40 entries from PVS and the understanding that this approval does not set precedent for future applications to schedule a meet in conflict with PVS policy. PASSED.

Sectional Meet Jim G. stated that under the latest draft time standards would likely produce a meet where the number of participants would only be about of that actually required to make it a viable meet. He further stated that he did not believe that the time standards would change much, but that the meet must be "right-sized". Greg Y stated that the presumption of a viable meet was on blind faith and that it was impossible to determine without exact time standards. There was further discussion of the need for definite time standards.

Thirl instructed Jim to provide our recommendations with regard the meet (including both time standards and other matters) to Dave Carson and the other LSC's participating in the sectional.

Travel Assistance Requests

Linda K. stated that 57 requests for full Speedo Junior Travel shares had been received as well as an additional 11 for Speedo Junior Championship Travel shares. Additionally, 8 travel assistance requests have been received for Olympic Trial Travel shares. All of these requests have been found to be "clean" -- the athletes meet the PVS requirements for reimbursement. In addition, there is one travel assistance request for full Speedo Junior Championship Travel share in the form of an Appeal.

Motion to pay all Speedo Junior Championship Travel Assistance Requests and Olympic Trial Travel Assistance Requests that have been found to be "clean" now or when the request is received. PASSED.

Linda K. read the appeal for full Speedo Junior Championship Travel Assistance Request. The athlete has been in PVS for six years but had failed to meet the event participation requirement due to college visitation commitments. Kit asked where the athlete had first achieved the Speedo Junior Championship cut. The athlete achieved this in a PVS meet. The athlete has previously gone to the Speedo Junior Championship meet 3 times as a PVS athlete, prior to the meet for which this appeal is submitted. Motion to pay the Speedo Junior Championship Travel Assistance to the team submitting the appeal. PASSED.

Disability Travel Assistance Request
There was discussion of the request. Thirl stated that the athlete had been involved with PVS previously and had met the event participation requirement. Motion to reimburse the team of the athlete for an amount equal to a Junior National Travel share. PASSED.

Coach Representatives

Greg Y stated that there is some negative feedback from clubs who felt they were helping the association by their participation in the 2000 Eastern Zone SC Meet. He stated that these clubs would not be supporting the 2001 Eastern Zone SC Meet. Jim asked if the clubs were taking the same stance on the 2001 Sectional Meet. Greg Y felt that this was not the case.

New Business

In response to a question from John E., Thirl stated that a proposal regarding the reimbursement of lodging for Officials working PVS meets would need to be presented. It was noted this need was only recently communicated and that the Officials Committee has not yet met to formulate such a proposal.

Motion to close the bank account currently known as "Travel" and move these funds to the PVS Operating account. PASSED.

Mark advised the incoming Board members that he had emailed a proposal for removal of Travel Assistance from PVS Policy to prior PVS Board members and others. The PVS Competition Committee will first address this matter. He further stated his opinion was that the time, energy and funds could be used better elsewhere. He said he received comments on it and welcomed additional comments prior to the Competition Committee meeting.

Linda E. informed the group of PVS equipment for disposal. She stated a majority of the equipment was in need of repair and other equipment was technically obsolete. John E. stated that he is working toward a current and comprehensive inventory list for PVS in order that the association not pay property tax on assets it no longer has. There was further discussion of the property tax incurred by PVS, including how PVS as a non-profit is taxed in Maryland and Virginia.

Old Business


Motion to adjourn at 10:00. PASSED.

Respectfully submitted,

Linda Edmunds

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