As approved by PVS Board of Directors -- September 25, 2002


7:00 PM -- MONDAY July 29, 2002
River Falls Community Center
Potomac, Md

The meeting was called to order by General Chairman Thirl Crudup at 7 pm. Board members in attendance were: Thirl Crudup Chairman, John Ertter, John Hirschmann, Jim Garner, Bill Marlin, and Greg York. Others present were : Linda Klopfenstein and Bill Stephens.

The minutes of the June meeting were approved as modified.

Treasurer / Finance Division

Treasurer John Ertter distributed June financial reports. John advised that these reports were based primarily on information provided by the PVS administrative office. Additional effort to review the accounting records and statements for accuracy and completeness still need to be undertaken.

Administrative Division

Thirl advised that George Massey, newly elected AG Chair, submitted his resignation due to accepting a head coaching position in the Richmond VA area. The GC recommended that Greg York move to the AG Chair position until such time as the HofD meets and elects somebody to fill the remainder of the term of office. This was approved by the Board without objection. Greg will submit his resignation from the Strategic Planning Chair position, effective August 31. He will begin his new position on September 1 (when George Massey's term of office would have begun.).

Linda Klopenstein has assumed responsibility for making arrangements for PVS's attendance at the USAS convention due to the on-going transition in the PVS administrative office. She briefed the Board on the status of arrangements and received application forms from those who had not yet completed them.

The Board reviewed the current reimbursement policy for attendance at USAS convention as found in its Policy and Procedures. With regard to the USA-S convention in September, it was moved, seconded and passed without objection that:

It was noted that the PVS board member who had not satisfied the Board meeting attendance requirement would be advised that they would not be able to attend the meeting at PVS expense.

Coaches Report

Bill Marlin had submitted a brief report to the Board in advance of the meeting.

Bill Marlin brought to the Board's attention that the hospitality costs he incurred at the recently completed PVS Junior Championships exceeded the currently policy of reimbursing for actual expenses up to $75 per session.

Some board members expressed concern that this could establish a precedent and also that the request had been made after the costs had been incurred. It was also recognized that the sessions at this particular meet were much longer than normal and that providing adequate hospitality was important to retaining volunteer officials, etc. for an extended period of time.

Greg York moved and it was seconded and passed unanimously that: "PVS authorize reimbursement to the Potomac Marlins for up to $100 of excess hospitality expenses during the Junior Champs in consideration of the length of the sessions." It was agreed that the Board was not setting a precedent by authorizing this payment.

A proposal to provide travel reimbursement expenses for swimmers attending Senior Nationals solely as part of a relay team failed due to the lack of a motion being made.

Operations Division

Hirschmann advised he had just received a proposal in the form of a e-mail he distributed from Kurt Thiel to conduct an open water (1-mile) swim in the Potomac River on September 21. Hirschmann explained that there was interest in conducting such a meet - particularly since it was likely that USA Swimming would want to conduct a 5K race immediately following the USA Swimming Nationals at UMD in August 2003. He also explained that the request was just coming forth since DC government was no longer objecting to such an event occurring on the Potomac River. It was proposed, moved, seconded and passed without objection that a: "Sanction request may be approved by the Operations Chairman subject to submission and receipt by the Board of a comprehensive safety plan."

The 2002 - 2003 short course season schedule was presented by John Hirschmann to the Board for its formal approval. He noted that with two exceptions, it was the same schedule as had been provided to the Competition Committee at its May 2002 meeting. A schedule had been proposed at the June meeting but was tabled pending an electronic vote that was not completed.

The two changes noted were that water was available to conduct the PVS February Distance Meet on two days (February 1-2) rather than as previously reported to the Board - just February 2. Also, water was not available at one site on Friday evening January 17, 2003 for PVS January Open. Accordingly, it was proposed that this session be held on Monday morning January 20 (MLK Birthday) when water was available at both sites. The Board decided that since two days were now available for the February Distance meet that the January Open meet be limited to two days. This motion was made, seconded and passed unanimously.

Hirschmann also advised that contrary to previous reports received by the Board, GMU was available for the PVS JO 14/U SC Champs on March 6-9 and that PVS was not yet committed to the other site (Oak Marr.) He also reported that a decision had to be made this evening as both facilities needed to know immediately of PVS's intentions regarding this rental. He also noted the cost at GMU would be significantly greater.

It was moved, seconded and passed that the 2003 PVS JO 14/U SC Champs be held at GMU and that only the competition pool be rented for the duration of the meet, including morning preliminaries when two courses would be used.

Senior Division

Jim Garner had submitted a brief report to the Board in advance of the meeting.

Competition Division

Five coaches had asked to be on the ballot to be elected as assistant PVS Zone Coaches for the LC Zone meet in August. Four would normally have been elected at the PVS Senior and Age Group Championship meet. Based on a prior informal polling of the Board, it was agreed that all five be accepted and application of the Policy and Procedure of only selecting four be suspended for this meet.. Without objection, the Board accepted the applications from Christian Doud (Machine), Chris Huott (MSSC), Gabriel Ibanez (FISH), Evan Stiles (AAC), and Kent Williams (RMSC).

At 9 pm the Board moved into Executive Session.

Linda Klopfenstein left the meeting at this time. Bill Stephens was invited to remain as an incoming Board member.

The minutes of the special Board meeting on July 21 were approved as amended.

Thirl reported that he met with Irene Millman on July 25 and informed her of the actions the Board took at its special meeting on July 21. He advised the Board that Irene has accepted the opportunity to serve as a consultant to PVS for 75 days.

The Board also discussed status of efforts then underway to recruit new staff (Registrar and Administrative Assistant) and status of identifying and renting both temporary and permanent office space.

No formal motions were made and no votes were taken.

The meeting adjourned at 9:40 pm.