AS APPROVED at the Competition Committee Meeting -- May 15,  2007

January 14, 2007 - 8:00 AM
Army Navy Country Club
Arlington, VA


Attendees:  Don Riedlinger, Chair; Janet Auger, PVS; Jim Garner, PVS; John Hirschmann, PVS; Bill Marlin, PVS;  Ronald Whalen, PVS; Peter Clark, USA-S; Evan Stiles, AAC; Tim Kelly, CUBU; Manga Dalizu, FAST; Mike Kraeuter, FISH; Dylan Evans, HACC; Dan Jacobs, MACH,: Paris Jacobs, MACH; Heather Coulson Moore, MAKO; John Cyganiewicz, OCCS; Terri Marlin, PM; Peter Karl, SDS; Shelley Gesker, YORK; Greg York, YORK


Call to Order:  The meeting was called to order by Competition Committee Chairman, Don Riedlinger at 8:05 AM at Army Navy Country Club, Arlington, VA.


Agenda:  Don Riedlinger provided an agenda for use at the meeting. Two additional items were added:  Swimposium under Old Business and Possible Restructuring of PVS Open and Championships Meets under New Business.


Approval of Minutes:  The minutes of the September 24, 2006 Competition Committee meeting were unanimously approved as submitted.  They had been posted on the website and copies were available at the meeting for review.


PVS Board action on items from Fall Competition Committee Meeting:  Riedlinger reported on the PVS Boardís actions on recommendations made by the Competition Committee at its September 24, 2006 meeting: 


  1.  All four club sanction requests were approved.

  2. The Criteria for Swimmer with a Disability Award was approved.

  3. The criteria for 2007 Travel Reimbursement for PVS Athletes participating in the following 2007 USA Swimming conducted national level meets:  2007 USA Swimming Junior Championships, 2007 Conoco-Phillips National Championships, 2007 USA Paralympics Summer Can-Am, 2007 USA Swimming Spring Championships and 2007 USA Paralympics Spring Can-Am was approved.

  4. The Board approved the Competition Committee's elections of John Cyganiewicz as Head Coach and Petra Martin as Assistant Head Coach for the PVS Eastern Zone SC 2007 Team.

  5. The Board endorsed Competition's selection criteria for the 2007 PVS Eastern SC Zone Team.

  6. The Board endorsed Competition's recommendation that the team concept (as was used in 2005 and 2006) be continued for the 2007 PVS Eastern Zone Long Course Team.

  7. Competition's recommended 2007-08 schedule of PVS sponsored meets was approved.

  8. Competition's request to modify Policy & Procedure regarding the timing of selection of Eastern Zone Head and Assistant Head Coaches was not approved.

  9. Competition's request that PVS pay on behalf of its coaches the cost of the newly implemented USA-S Background Screening Program was not approved.

  10. Competition's request to modify Policy & Procedure regarding the modification to scheduling of meet bids was not approved as submitted; however, modifications were made by the Board.

Riedlinger provided a handout to explain the Board's actions on the final item.  He noted that recent practice has not been following Policy and Procedure and that the Board had voted to modify Policy and Procedure by removing any reference to short course versus long course, codifying the setting of the PVS meet schedule and adjusting the time periods for the submission of club meet bids.  [See Board of Directors Minutes]


PVS Camps Planning:  Riedlinger recognized Terri Marlin, PVS Camp Coordinator, who informed the attendees of her desire to resurrect the hosting by PVS of swim camps.  She explained that USA Swimming has developed a camp program to help educate its members and foster the love of the sport for all level of athletes.  It is encouraging each LSC to offer these camps to their athletes throughout the season. Although USA Swimming provides a lot of structure, information and materials to be used for the camps, it also encourages each LSC to be creative and flexible by addressing the wants and needs of their swimmers and coaches.


She noted that PVS used to be very involved in running camps and other programs for our athletes, but in recent years has fallen behind. She continued that she thought that now is the time, with this new program, to begin to offer some exciting new programs for our athletes. USA-Sís goals and objectives for the camp program are: to provide an educational experience for each participating swimmer, educate participants on the history and heroes of USA Swimming, improve swimmerís self image, promote LSC unity through camp participation, retain athletes, transfer information back to swimmerís home club and to provide an opportunity for education, observation, communication and motivation for coaches.  [Further information on the "Catch the Spirit Camp" program is available at:]


Terri explained that she was planning to propose to the PVS Board that 4 camps be held during the period of September 2007 to April 2008.   [See PVS Camp Program Proposal]  In her capacity as Camps Coordinator, she would be responsible for all planning.  She emphasized that clubs themselves could host camps and that she would provide the oversight.


Terri advised that she will be asking the PVS Board at its January 17th meeting to endorse a camp to be held on Sunday, April 29th at Fairland.  In anticipation of Board approval, she had available a handout of the 2007 PVS Age Group Camp Coach's Application [revised} which had been previously distributed by FLASH mail as well as posted on the website.  In response to a request, Terri agreed to revise the application to remove any reference to an applicant's ASCA Level.  Due to the necessity of submitting the Head Coach's name with the paperwork to USA-S, the application deadline has a quick turn around time of Sunday, January 21, 2007.


Peter Clark, Eastern Zone Sport Development Consultant, expressed his support that PVS was resurrecting the camps program.


Election of PVS Eastern Zone Team Coaches:  Bill Marlin reported that calls for nominations for PVS Eastern Zone Long Course Head and Assistant Head Coaches had been sent out by FLASH mail as well as posted on the PVS website.  He reported that Mike Kraeuter (FISH) and John Cyganiewicz (OCCS) had requested to be placed on the ballot for Head Coach and that Mike Kraeuter (FISH) and Peter McDonough (PM) had requested to be placed on the ballot for Assistant Head Coach.  There was no request from those present to add nominees to the ballot  Ballots were distributed for Head Coach and each club present was allowed to cast one vote.  After tallying the votes, it was announced that John Cyganiewicz had been elected.  A motion was made, seconded and approved to destroy the ballots.  The ballots for Assistant Head Coach were then distributed and each club present was allowed to cast one vote.  After tallying the votes, it was announced that Mike Kraeuter had been elected.  A motion was made, seconded and approved to destroy the ballots.


The Committee next turned to the election of the PVS Eastern Zone Short Course Assistant Coaches.  It was noted that at its Fall meeting, John Cyganiewicz (OCCS) had been elected as Head Coach and Petra Martin (FBST) as Assistant Head Coach.  Marlin had prepared a ballot of the following candidates:  Blair Piddington (MACH), Shelley Gesker (YORK), Ashley Wolff (PM), Peter McDonough (PM), Yuri Suguiyama (CUBU), and Scott Bryant (PM).  Three additional candidates had been nominated via e-mail and Marlin asked that the following names be added to the ballot:  Cheryl Bauman (CUBU), Bruce Anderson (HACC) and Emily Felker (HACC).  Those candidates in attendance at the meeting were asked to introduce themselves.  Each club present was allowed to cast one vote and was instructed to vote for  exactly 4 coaches in order for their ballot to be valid.  Later in the meeting, after tallying the votes, the following individuals were elected:  Blair Piddington, Shelley Gesker, Peter McDonough and Yuri Suguiyama.  A motion was made, seconded and approved to destroy the ballots.


Club Meet Bids for the Period April 1, 2007 to August 31, 2007:  Competition was provided with a calendar indicating meets already approved and requested for endorsement of sanction.  One meet (MACH LC Classic, April 21-22, 2007) had already been approved.  Auger identified the 6 meets for which a sanction was now being requested as:

With the exception of the FISH bid for the Swim Like a Fish Invitational, all bids committed either with their bids or at the meeting to run the same meet this coming year as they had conducted last year.  Auger explained that FISH had requested, via e-mail, to add the 800M Freestyle to their event lineup, limiting it to 4 heats of girls and 4 heats of boys.  The e-mail provided as justification of this request the observation that the Speedo Eastern States Senior Invitational Meet, which was held the same weekend as the PVS January Distance Meet, had included the 1650 Freestyle.


A motion was made and seconded to recommend to the Board that the six meets be sanctioned.  Hirschmann advised the Committee that all prior year club sponsored meets for the period had been bid and that no new meets had been added.  Without further discussion, the motion carried unanimously.


Noting that this meeting was the final opportunity for club meets to submit bids for the period, Riedlinger asked for additional club meet bids.  Since there were none, he indicated that the schedule could now be finalized.


Club Meet bids for the Period September 1, 2007 to March 31, 2008:  Auger informed the Committee that no club meets bids had been received for this period.  In response to her request to receive bids from the floor, she received the following bids (listed in chronological order):


A motion was made and seconded to recommend to the Board that the 4 meets be sanctioned.  In response to Hirschmann's question, all bidders committed to run the same meet this coming year as they had conducted last year.  Hirschmann and Riedlinger explained to the Committee that, in at least 2 recent situations, a subset of the Competition Committee had found it necessary to make rulings on requested changes to meets.  He asked that future club meet bids be as complete as possible so that it was clear to all what type of meet, events to be offered, eligible clubs, etc, be known so all PVS and (visiting) clubs know what competition options will be available.

Short Course Eastern Zone Team:  Riedlinger informed the Committee that the Age Group Chair had established the application deadline for the PVS Eastern Zone Team as February 28, 2007 for 14 and Under Athletes and as March 7, 2007 for 15-18 Athletes.  Said deadlines are the Wednesday before each age group's applicable Championship meet.  He stressed that no late applications, whatsoever, will be accepted.

He continued by reminding the Committee that, at its prior Fall meeting, the committee had recommended, and the Board had approved for the Zone selection process the clarification that times from relay lead-off splits would qualify, including those occurring later in the final selection meet; however, times from time trials from any  meet would not.  While the decision had been made to accept relay lead-off splits, he asked the Committee its position as to whether or not intermediate lead-off relay splits should be accepted for consideration.  A motion was made and seconded to recommend to the Board that relay lead-off intermediate splits achieved at the PVS 14& Under JO and PVS Senior Championship meets be permitted to be used as qualifying selection times for the PVS Eastern Zone Team.  There followed a discussion regarding the merits of the motion.  Issues raised included: (1) the necessity of clarifying the use of individual event intermediate split times; (2) the impact on the quality of the meet; and (3) the potential disadvantage to smaller teams who are unable to field relay teams.  The question was called and the motion was unanimously defeated.

A motion was made and seconded to recommend to the Board that individual event intermediate split times achieved at the PVS 14 & Under JO and PVS Senior Championship meets not be permitted to be used as qualifying selection times for the PVS Eastern  Zone Team.  The motion was unanimously approved.

Remarks by Peter Clark, Eastern Zone Sport Development Consultant:   Riedlinger introduced Peter Clark, Eastern Zone Sport Development Consultant, who is in the area visiting member clubs.  Clark advised the Committee that there was a wealth of knowledge offered by USA-S and expressed his hope that all would avail themselves.  He indicated he had taken over these responsibilities in September from Ira Klein and that he, along with Sue Anderson, the first EZ Consultant, were familiar with the Eastern Zone and available to assist.  He noted, while traveled a great deal, he is either available by phone or, if he is not in the office, others in Colorado Springs are available to assist and anxious to do so.  He continued by stating that this was an exciting time for swimming--the two years leading up to and two years following-- the Olympics.    

November Open Status:  Riedlinger informed the Committee that the Board had voted to accept Fairfax County Parks Authority's (FCPA) offer of an additional site for the November Open--resulting in 2 sites in Virginia (Cub Run and Mount Vernon) and 2 sites in Maryland (PGS&LC 1 and 2).  [It was noted that the Maryland sites are dependent upon the NFL schedule which will be announced in April.]  Due to time constraints, the offer had not been able to be put in front of Competition.  Riedlinger stated that if only three bids are received to host the November Open, the Board would likely release one of the Maryland sites.

Information from FCPA Renter's Meeting:  Auger, reporting to the Committee on items that had been discussed at FCPA's meeting in December, explained that FCPA expressed concerns that the occupancy limits outlined in its contracts are being exceeded thereby impacting the safety of its facilities.  She asked that all be mindful of the importance of complying with its requests. 

Riedlinger added that PVS gets a lot of criticism from clubs about having to travel to Maryland from Virginia, but not as many complaints for traveling from Maryland to Virginia.  He wished all in attendance to understand how much more difficult it is to gain pool time in Virginia than in Maryland.  Peter Clark interjected that PVS is not alone in its difficulties in acquiring pool time adding that, in many older facilities, air quality is negatively affected by deck occupancies.    

Auger continued by informing the Committee that FCPA is proposing to revise its rental rate pricing and discount structures.  Additionally, FCPA has indicated its willingness to offer Oak Marr for a weekend in July 2008.  York explained that the clubs in attendance at the FCPA meeting requested that the offer be made first to PVS and, if not accepted, then be offered to other clubs.  Committee members recommended that the Board accept FCPA's offer suggesting that either a PVS-hosted meet or a PVS-hosted camp could be scheduled.  [Subsequent to the meeting, FCPA's offer was withdrawn.]


Old Business


2007 PVS Swimposium:  Paris Jacobs briefed the Committee on the upcoming PVS Swimposium scheduled to be held October 2007.  She noted that she was in the process of securing the location, but that arrangements were dependent upon VSI's participation.  She reminded the Committee that she had previously asked for suggestion for topics to be covered, but had received none.  Noting her recent visits to USA-S HQ, Paris explained that she had become much more familiar with what the organization has to offer and believed that the coaches' track would be able to offer high level sessions on such topics as biomechanics, sports club leadership, goal setting, nutrition, etc.  Committee members supported her topics and indicated that, if offered, high level coaches would attend.


Marlin reminded the Committee that a new Zone Team Coordinator had yet to be announced to replace Paris.  Noting that the goal was to have the replacement work with her on the 2007 SC Zones, he asked that all continue to search for a suitable individual.


New Business


Manga Dalizu provided a handout outlining the potential formation of a PVS Diversity Team.  A show of hands by those in attendance indicated their support.  It was pointed out that the PVS Board has discussed the topic and would welcome a presentation and specific request asking the Board to provide its support. Concluding the matter, the Committee recommended to the Board that PVS strive to have an active Diversity Committee.


The final item of New Business presented was the potential restructuring of PVS Open and Championships meets.  Marlin explained that he had 2 motions to offer.  The first motion was that, beginning in the Fall of 2007, the order of events at PVS Open meets be modified.  He indicated that this request had originated from coaches, and he further suggested that it would be preferable offer a different line-up of events at said meets.  Marlin's second motion was that the 400 IM and the 500 Free not be scheduled at the end of sessions and that, at championship meets, events be arranged so as to benefit the IMX Challenge.


Therein followed a discussion of the merits of the motions.  Items discussed included:  (1) in the case of Open meets, all sites for a given Open meet  would run the same events in the same order; (2) any scheduling changes to the 400 IM and 500 Free would need to be sensitive to athlete recovery time; and (3) if event line-ups were changed, no events should be dropped.  The order of events could vary for Opens held in other months.  The first motion was amended to state that a committee should be formed to review these items.  The motion passed unanimously.


As for discussion on the second motion, Dan Jacobs noted that USA-S is promoting its IMX Challenge and that he was in support of reviewing championship event line-ups so as to not have some of the events in that program back-to back.  After amending the motion to state that a committee should be formed to undertake a review, the motion passed unanimously.  While noting that the committee need not consider it, Riedlinger pointed out that the line-up of the Senior Championship meets was intentionally designed to parallel those of the Sectional meets.


Before concluding the meeting, a number of miscellaneous items were discussed.  They were:

Next Meeting:  The date and time of the next meeting were discussed.  It was agreed that the next meeting should occur following the Eastern Zone Meeting which is scheduled for May 12, 2007.  The date chosen was Tuesday, May 15th, 7:00PM with the location to be announced at a later date.  In an effort to increase attendance, Riedlinger volunteered to work with Peter Karl and Army-Navy Country Club to investigate hospitality options.  


Adjournment:  The meeting was adjourned at approximately 10:15AM.


Respectfully Submitted by,


Janet Auger

PVS Administrative Assistant